DIY Pirate – Steam Punk Necklace

In preparation for Hubby’s pirate themed birthday party, I decided I needed a little accessorizing. Fortunately I have some random crafting supplies (“You? No way”, “Yes, really”) that I threw together to make a bad-ass choker. I happened to find this giant bird pendant at the thrift store attached to a bunch of other beads, and I had this black edging stuff laying around. I bought the black knotted clasp, on the right, for about $2, I think, at the fabric store.

Here’s a close up of the giant medallion/cameo thing.

First, I hemmed one end of the lace stuff, and attached half the clasp. I measured the lacey stuff around my neck, and cut it with at least an inch extra for hemming. This stuff comes apart very easily once cut, so I folded the end in about half an inch, then half an inch again, then sewed it all through to keep it from unraveling.

I put the clasp back together, then measured the lace around my neck again to double check the comfort and the clasp placement. This is also a good way to make sure you don’t have a twist in your necklace. The package recommends sewing the clasp onto your project while it’s together, and that’s good advice to make sure it will line up properly when you’re done.

Test out teh fit again, and make sure it’s snug without being tight. This is also the time to test putting it on and taking it off. I found that it’s easier for me to have the loop part on my right, so my right hand does the more challenging part of closing the necklace. If I had to depend on my left hand, there would have been much pouting and tantrum-ing.

I sewed the camoe onto the choker in the middle to get as much support from the lace as possible. It’s solid metal, and as you can see, pretty large. It works great, and is probably the most comfortable part of my costume. It also took me about 10 minutes to put it together.

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Fancy Bat Necklace

I made this little bat into a necklace charm awhile ago, and I love it. The rings it hangs from are on the tip of each wing, and I didn’t like how the cecklace chain went between them when I was wearing it. I decided to attach a chain to each end to make a necklace. I got a 60″ black chain (on sale) at Hobby Lobby. There’s plenty of chain there for a couple projects. I used the jump rings that were already on the necklace, and used a necklace clasp I scavenged off of some stuff Mi Madre had given me.

The first thing I did was use my pliers to open up 2 links in the chain to get a segment about the length I wanted.

I then folded it in half, and removed the middle link, to give me two pieces the same length. I then measeured it around my neck, and ended up removing about an inch from each so the necklace would be the right length.

I attached one end of each to the bat using the jump rings already on it (see how to in this post). On the other ends I attached the necklace clasp parts. While you’re attaching them, make sure you put the clasp on the correct side. Most necklaces are made so that you use your right hand to open the clasp and put the necklace on. I used a giant jump ring to clasp onto because I hate fiddling around with necklaces trying to get the clasp onto a tiny little ring. This method works great.

I just love this necklace now, even more than I did before. A little more Halloween in my wardrobe.

                                                      – That Clever Chick

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