Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. This year, I’m having to hand-make a Voltron costume for my 3 year old, Nacho, so I’ve been a bit busy. I’m digging around for some last-minute, office appropriate costumes, so I thought I’d share my ideas with you!

Brad or Janet from Rocky Horror Picture Show:


The cast of Breakfast Club:


Characters from Jessica Jones or Luke Cage


And you must love Kimmy Schmidt (unless you’re completely dead inside)


The cast of Shield, like Quake for example (I’m noticing that I’m very biased toward Netflix and Marvel properties…)


Plus, since I love Halloween SO MUCH I WISH WE HAD TWO OF THEM, I have a bunch of old posts with even more ideas for you!!

Halloween Already

Thrifty Halloween Costumes

Baby Costume Ideas

And finally, this is the plan for my Monday office attire:


Totally office appropriate, and comfortable! I can’t wait!!


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Halloween Movies for the Faint of Heart

I love Halloween. It is my absolute favorite holiday of the year, far beyond any other. The thing is, I’m a total wuss when it comes to scary movies. When I saw The Ring, I had to sleep with the lights on for two weeks. (FYI, that’s a good test for your relationship right there. Hubby passed with flying colors). So what movies can you watch that won’t ruin your precious, precious sleep? Me to the Rescue!

  1. Poltergeist (THE ORIGINAL ONE. WE DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE ANY OTHER VERSION): This movie is fantastic, with amazing special effects and a completely solid story. It is the embodiment of Spielberg epicness. If you haven’t seen this yet, stop what you’re doing, quit your job, and go watch it. Fun fact: it also came out in 1982, which is widely acknowledged to be the best year for movies ever.
  2. The Nightmare Before Christmas: This one is good for Halloween AND Christmas! This movie is a gorgeous distillation of Tim Burton and Danny Elfman. Twisted, beautiful, and heart-wrenching, it is a forever classic. If you’ve already seen this a million times, there’s an internet theory that Frankenweenie, Corpse Bride, and Nightmare make a kind of trilogy, so re-watch with that in mind.
  3. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon: A documentary crew gets access to a Jason Voorhis-like serial killer. This is a great movie, with a good mix of humor, and the Talking Heads in the soundtrack! It’s one of those small release movies that didn’t get the attention it deserves.

    Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

    Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

  4. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil: Absolutely hilarious version of the teen thriller. If you love Alan Tudyk (AND YOU HAD BETTER) you will absolutely love this movie. He gives yet another stellar, hilarious performance, as does Tyler Labine, of Reaper fame.
  5. The Cabin in the Woods: This is probably one of my favorite movies ever. The marketing department really failed when this movie came out, because they made it look like any other basic horror movie. Thankfully, it is not. In classic Whedon-style, Joss turns the horror genre on its head, and the results are spectacular. I went into this film like “Meh, let’s see”, and by the time the opening title hit the screen I was hooked. If you felt kind of blah towards it, or missed it altogether, I promise, Cabin in the Woods will not disappoint.

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head, but I’m sure another dozen will occur to me the second I hit “publish”. Help me out: what non-scary horror movies do you love?

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If your local stores are anything like mine, they’ve had Halloween candy out since April. You may have become so inured to the sight that you’ve forgotten Halloween is actually happening, and SOON. You have to start getting your costume together NOW. Fortunately, I’m a huge fan of Halloween, so I’ve built a huge collection of useful info for you!

Thrifty Halloween Costumes!

Bloody Halloween Decorations on the Cheap!

Steal my friends costume ideas!

Costume ideas!

More costume ideas!

Additional costume ideas!

Other cheap decorations!

Apocalyptic costumes!

Baby costumes!

More post-apocalyptic costumes!

Post-apocalyptic accessories!

Need more simple costume ideas? How about:

Arthur Dent from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Arthur Dent from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

The Cast of Scooby Doo

The Cast of Scooby Doo


The cast of Archer

The cast of Archer

Doctor Who and River Song (I have friends who did this last year and it was awesome)

Doctor Who and River Song (I have friends who did this last year and it was awesome)

Lydia from Beeltejuice

Lydia from Beeltejuice

There are so many options that don’t require you to go get a plastic costume from one of those Halloween stores. Just your natural assets and some random thrift store finds are all it takes for a unique costume. As you can see, I really just freaking love Halloween. It’s the greatest holiday ever! It’s all fun and creativity, with no obligations. It’s creepy and dark and wonderful.




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Baby Costume Ideas

Yes it’s ALREADY OCTOBER. I know you’ve probably become inoculated to the sight of Halloween candy at your grocery store, since it’s been out since March, but seriously, October is happening RIGHT NOW. For real, go look at a calendar. See?? I told you. If you happen to have a baby who’s too small to voice an opinion on costume choice, take advantage of it and do what you want. Next year you’ll be acquiring parts for a ballerina princess veterinarian costume, so enjoy your current freedom.

You probably want a cool costume, and I have a few great ones that require a baby as an accessory:

Sarah and Toby from Labyrinth

All the baby needs is a striped romper for a costume! Easy peasy. This costume is the height of 80’s nostalgia, which makes it automatically awesome. Mom’s costume as Sarah is fairly easily built from thrift store finds. If Dad wants to be Jareth however…

…that’s going to take a bit more dedication. Maybe Dad can be Sir Didymus.

Let’s stick with the 80’s since they have the best movies. Yes, the best. Of all time. Ghostbusters 2!! Dana has baby Oscar, who again, wears a very simple outfit:

oscar ghostbusters

A yellow romper. Super simple to recreate. Dad can be Venkman and Mom can be Dana. Or…

janine ghostbusters

Janine and Louis babysit little Oscar, and look at the awesome outfits they wear while doing so! If I ever find a dress like that, I swear I will dress as Janine, even if I’m 90 years old. And that sweater-turtleneck combo is not too shabby, Dads. I’m sure you can find all this gear at a thrift store near you.

If you want to be more up-to-date, I still have an idea for you:


It’s the wee baby Seamus! Any baby with the name “Archer” written on his shoulder is instantly in costume. Otherwise, he just wears a blue romper! Simple! And then you can be any of the cast from Archer! That gives both Mom and Dad a wide range of choices.

I just realized all of these are for boy babies, which is what I have, which probably explains why my brain went that direction. My bad.

All babies can be animals, though. Crawling babies are perfect for things like turtles, alligators, beavers, echidnas, wolverines, basically anything that walks on four legs. Try to be creative. If your baby is toddling around, consider a monkey or velociraptor costume. If your baby is still young, and doesn’t move much, I think a potato or burrito costume would be hilarious. Try to think outside the typical pumpkin costumes that infest Google and Pinterest. Just remember to have fun, and make sure you get your way, since you won’t for the next dozen years.

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Thrifty Halloween Costumes

Some people wait until the last second to get their Halloween costume. Running out to Spirit or Halloween Express the day before a party is not thrifty or creative. You can easily spend upwards of $50 on something you’ll wear once! That’s just crazy talk. Your first stop for costume items should be your own closet. Do you have any interesting items of clothing, or something you rarely wear? Maybe you have an old prom dress, a feather boa, or a fedora you bought, but were never bold enough to wear. Look at these items and use them as a jumping-off point. You can also combine different clothing items that don’t normally go together. You have 50 scarves? Wear them all, all over you and be an old-style burlesque dancer (this is a viable costume in Texas, where it will likely be 80 degrees on Halloween). Still no ideas?

Search friends’ closets (with their knowledge, of course). Maybe one has a red trench coat, and you have a red hat: Bam! Carmen Sandiego costume! Don’t forget that a costume of your opposite gender is also an option. Even a terrible version of a guy dressed as The Little Mermaid is hilarious, so keep those possibilities in mind.

Next stop for ideas, components, accessories, or even whole costumes: Thrift stores. All those people that bought last minute costumes in prior years gave them away, and you can profit from it! Thrift stores are FULL of Halloween costumes, including some brand new items, and they cost way less than at the Halloween stores.


Still need inspiration? Are there any celebrities, cartoon characters, or famous people you resemble? What are some topical ideas you could represent? Maybe you could just wear a suit with a name tag that says “Government” and go around “shutting down” conversations all night long. Look back over some of the big news stories of the year. You can also just google Halloween costume ideas. You can also go back through my archives for some amazingly witty ideas, because I’m great.

Halloween 2012

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2010

Halloween Costume Ideas #1

Halloween Costume Ideas #2

Halloween Costume Ideas #3

Post-Apocalyptic Costumes

More Post-Apocalyptic Costumes

Cross Dressing (for girls, sorry dudes)

This made me realize 1) I have been blogging for a long time! and 2) I really do love Halloween, obviously. Costumes don’t have to be expensive, or a big ordeal. Just do something fun!

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(Belated) Halloween!

Hubby and I have a ridiculous Halloween party every year. It’s our favorite holiday, and we try and come up with something new whenever we can. This year, we may have reached the pinnacle. The whole house was decked out like a mad scientist’s lab, and we crafted things for months in advance.

Cthulhu monster!

Bloody thift store sheets!

This was so much fun. Bloody plastic sheeting!

Creepy staticky TV!

Shelf of specimens! (including baby parts in jars!)

Yard tools are so creepy in this context:

Bloody torso!!!

Failed escape attempt!

This is an underwear mannequin we own, and what better use for her?

Bloody teeth!!


Bloody surgery gloves and tools!


Torture table!! (Complete with Justein Beiber CD!!!)

More creepy medical things!

IMG_2262 IMG_2263 
More decorations!

IMG_2264 IMG_2265 IMG_2266 IMG_2267

Unhappy dogs in costume! (Flapjack’s arrived later that night)

Evil surgeon and patient, with happier, de-costumed dogs!

And of course, an amazing cake by Brandy the Stew Rat.

Abercrombie zombies!

Doctor Horrible!


A non-costumed person, vampire, hitchhiker, me, and Batgirl!


Brandy and her awesome husband James as old fashioned reporters!

Demon cat!


My wonderful Hubby was the robot David from Prometheus!


I was dressed as Noomi Rapace’s character, Elizabeth Shaw, which is why I was covered in blood. David is putting something in my drink labeled “Totally not Alien DNA”.

I even used my surgery scar as part of my costume! I super glued metal bits over top to look like staples. We had such a great time, and I have no idea what we’re going to do next year!

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Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

This probably would have been more useful before Halloween, but I was busy. I threw a party, had to get my costume together, and I was sick for a week leading up to Halloween (hence, lots of reading). I’m sure you guys can use this next year, but I’ll forget to post it by then, so here you go. How did I carve my pumpkin? I’m glad you asked! I love Batman so much, I was hoping to lure him to my house with this Bat-signal pumpkin, but, sadly, it didn’t work. Next year I’ll get a bigger pumpkin.

This is two pumpkins worth of seeds. Spread them out on a cookie sheet, sprinkle them (liberally) with garlic salt, and then drizzle them with olive oil. This helps them soak up the garlic salt flavor and get crispy without drying out. Mix it all around with your hand, and put the pan in the oven at 350 for about 20 minutes. Check them fairly frequently to make sure they get to your desired level of crispness. You can add some salt when they’re done cooking if you need to.

These are a great snack to eat while watching old horror movies, which is of course required on Halloween!

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Halloween Recap

We had a hugely fun, spectacular Halloween party again this year, and our friends really brought it with their costumes! I wish I had gotten pictures of everyone, but once the box wine starts flowing I get a little less than reliable.

Here we have me as Elvira and Sarah as the Bee Girl from the Blind Melon “No Rain” music video.

Left to right we have The Crow, Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, me, my sister the fortune teller, and the super hot amazing badass pirate that I married.

Here we have Inmate #38258 and an awesome monster!

This one is super clever, which I always appreciate: Schrodinger’s Cat! He came with a very friendly zombie, and you know I love zombies!

Death’s Lesser known cousin Gerald stopped by for a while…

…but Death stayed kind of aloof.

She gets mean if you try to take her vodka away.

A pimp/rapper, Jan Brady, and a tiny raccoon stopped by also.

Beans and I had a great time, as always!

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Happy Halloween!

After another epic Halloween party, I am exhausted, and I’ve finally fallen victim to the cold I’ve been fighting off for a week. I plan on watching Halloween movies and handing out candy to Trick-or-Treaters tonight, all while in my sweat pants. Awww yeah. Happy Halloween everyone!!

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Halloween Costume Ideas #3

I’m assuming if you’re still looking for costume ideas, you probably have a party to go to tonight. At this point, you’re probably scrambling through your closet, desperately looking for something fun and unique. I have the solution: ZOMBIES!! But not just any zombies. What costume do you have laying around already?

Prom Queen – Zombie Prom Queen! The Prom Queen of 1984 has risen to relive her former glory!

Bride – Zombie Bride or Corpse Bride! (Or you can add a samurai sword and be The Bride from Kill Bill).

Gypsy – Zombie Gypsy! Dance erratically, and maybe carry a skull instead of a tamborine, or just carry a skull.

Think about how your character might have died, and you can add a whole ‘nother layer of humor. Think deaths like the movie Beetlejuice.

Punk – Zombie Punk! Were you crushed to death at a concert? Or did someone force you to listen to Justin Beiber, so you killed yourself?

Cheerleader – Zombie Cheerleader! Maybe you fell off the top of the pyramid and broke your neck. You could wear a neck brace all night to hold your head up.

Geisha – Zombie Geisha! (Works for Oni as well, or a samurai) If you can find a plastic samurai sword and make it look like you got stabbed through the stomach with it, you will have my un-dying respect.

You could also be a famous person who’s dead, or a character who dies in a movie.

You could be zombie Citizen Kane! Dress in a suit and carry a broken snow globe. If you want to take it really far, carry around a scorched wooden sled. Sometimes I am so funny I can’t stand it.

Also, again if you have a geisha costume laying around, you could be Lucy Liu’s character O-Ren Ishii. And if you can find a way to have the top of your head cut off, I want to steal it.

Zombie basics: At Halloween stores they sell “zombie makeup”. It reminds me of Elmer’s glue. You put it on your skin in layers, then it dries, and you peel chunks of it open to make faux skin flaps. The trick with this stuff is you have to let it dry thoroughly between the layers, and do many, many layers. Read the directions on the package, and plan your time accordingly. Don’t forget you’ll need lots of fake blood!

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Halloween Costume Ideas #2

I’m going to call this “Seemingly normal costumes with a clever twist”. These are mostly geared toward girls, since that’s how I tend to dress. Shocking, I know. At least I know my strengths.

Ghost of a Bridesmaid – This is a great reuse for that old bride’s maid dress in the back of the closet. If you can carry around a wilted or dried out bouquet, that would be awesome. I am all about props. Use black eye shadow to make big shadow under your eyes, and hollowed out cheeks. Streaked and smeared eye makeup and lipstick would complete the look, and you can wander around repeating, “Always a bride’s maid, never a bride”.

Troubled Teen – Slutty Catholic school girls are a dime a dozen this time of year. If you want a unique twist on it, add a giant fake pregnant belly! I made a super-realistic (like people were asking me all night if I was really pregnant) one for maybe $4. I used a gallon sized ziplock bag, filled it with polyfill (the stuffing from the craft store), and taped the corners down to make it rounder. I wore a stretchy, white tank top over this to hold it in place, which also helped round it out, and look more realistic. Then your basic white button up shirt, pleated skirt, and neck tie, hair in pig tails, and leather shoes. You can add knee socks, and a metal lunch box if you have them.

Surprisingly Hot Girl – How many eighties movies start out with a nerdy girl who turns out to be hot after a simple make over at the end of the movie? Start the night with your hair up in a bun, with glasses on, wearing a ratty, huge sweater and sneakers. Halfway through the evening, take off the glasses, take down your hair, and take off your sweater to reveal a super cute dress. Switch from sneakers to heels, and your transformation is complete!

Oni – If you have the makings of a geisha costume laying around (and who doesn’t??), you can become an Oni, or Japanese demon very easily. This one works for guys or girls.


You can google Kabuki makeup to get ideas for patterns. Add a fan or plastic samurai sword, and put your hair in a top knot.

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