White Bean Enchiladas

Hubby and I both love cheese enchiladas, but the mountains of cheese they are stuffed with isn’t really that healthy or cheap. I decided to try something new. I made white beans the way I normally make my refried beans, and use that as the base for my filling. White beans are really high in potassium, which is another reason I wanted to use them. I chopped half an onion and 2-3 jalapeños and sautéed them in a little olive oil for a few minutes. I added about 4 cups of refried white beans to the pan, and about 1 cup of shredded cheese. I heated it all on low until the cheese melted into the beans, and added garlic salt to taste. The white beans are so bland, they just pick up the flavor of what you mix in. You could make the same filling with a higher proportion of veggies to beans if you’d like.

To make this into enchiladas, get your 13×9 baking pan, and spray it with cooking spray. Open your can of enchilada sauce, and pour a small amount in the bottom of the pan. Pour about half into a broad-mouthed bowl, like so:

Dip your tortillas into the sauce in the bowl and coat both sides. You can use either flour or corn tortillas. I think the flour ones stick together better, but that’s just my preference.

Put some stuffing in your tortillas, then roll them up so the seam is on the bottom.

Hubby likes his extra spicy, so I chopped up more raw jalapeños to stuff into his. I then marked them so I wouldn’t accidentally eat his and wish for death.

You can make this as a sort of casserole instead if you don’t want to roll all the tortillas. Just line the bottom of the pan with them, spread your filling, add another layer of tortillas dipped in sauce, then either add another layer of filling, or throw cheese on top. I topped mine with 1-2 cups shredded cheese, either cheddar or Colby jack, whatever you prefer, and this pan made 8 REALLY fat enchiladas. I like the filling, what can I say? If you have leftover sauce you can pour it over the top, or just save it to throw into a pot of soup or something later.


Bake this bad boy at 350 for at least 30 minutes, or until it gets all bubbly and melty and you can barely restrain yourself from shoving your face directly into the pan.

Let’s all keep in mind I am not a tiny hispanic grandma, so these are not going to be authentic enchiladas. Although I am from Texas, so they’re pretty close. Enjoy!

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Use It Up: Turkey

I’m sure by now you are probably sick to death of all the turkey that is filling your fridge. You probably should have taken my advice and not made a turkey to begin with, but it’s too late now. Lucky for you, I have dozens of recipes to hide it in! Most of these are chicken recipes I blogged awhile ago, so I’m just going to link to them here, and tell you to substitute turkey for chicken. It’s the equivalent of a “back flash episode” on a sitcom, but there may be some new material showing up at the end. In fact, probably, so scroll on past the list of the recipes you loyal minions have already committed to memory, and the rest of you use this as motivation to read everything I’ve ever posted. Yes, they are all gems such as these:

1) Broccoli Cheese Casserole – just add some turkey for more protein, and let all the gratuitous cheese cover up that turkey flavor.

2) Turkey Enchiladas

3) Mexican Turkey Soup

4) Turkey Spaghetti

5) Turkey Soup

6) Turkey Salad

Oops, I think that’s everything. I have no idea what I was thinking of earlier when I said there might be new material down here at the end. Maybe I was hoping I would come up with something by now, but instead I made dinner. You can always make turkey sandwiches also. Um, turkey pizza? Yuck, no. Turkey pasta salad would probably be good. Phew! Ok, well The Office is on. The End!

*UPDATE* New Recipe!! I finally thought of one! Turkey and dumplings – the lazy way (my specialty):

Your basic ingredients are shredded, leftover turkey, chicken broth, and a can of biscuits. You can add celery, carrots, and onions to the broth if you want, but you should keep the amount small, and chop them up pretty fine.

The trick is to get your broth BOILING, then open your can of biscuits, and tear a couple into small pieces, and drop them into the broth. I usually only use about 2 biscuits for dumplings and bake the rest, but it depends on how large a batch you are making. They plump up, so keep that in mind when you are tearing your pieces. You don’t want the whole pot to turn into a giant glob of biscuit goo. I usually cook it for about a half hour, then pull out a dumpling to test for doneness. I KNEW I had another recipe!

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