Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. This year, I’m having to hand-make a Voltron costume for my 3 year old, Nacho, so I’ve been a bit busy. I’m digging around for some last-minute, office appropriate costumes, so I thought I’d share my ideas with you!

Brad or Janet from Rocky Horror Picture Show:


The cast of Breakfast Club:


Characters from Jessica Jones or Luke Cage


And you must love Kimmy Schmidt (unless you’re completely dead inside)


The cast of Shield, like Quake for example (I’m noticing that I’m very biased toward Netflix and Marvel properties…)


Plus, since I love Halloween SO MUCH I WISH WE HAD TWO OF THEM, I have a bunch of old posts with even more ideas for you!!

Halloween Already

Thrifty Halloween Costumes

Baby Costume Ideas

And finally, this is the plan for my Monday office attire:


Totally office appropriate, and comfortable! I can’t wait!!


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Dallas World Aquarium

Hubby and I took a trip to Dallas not too long ago to visit family and friends. While we were there, we went to the Dallas World Aquarium. This place is absolutely amazing! As you walk up the path to buy tickets, you pass cages with tropical birds, and a tree-kangaroo! This place is way more than just an aquarium. There are monkeys, snakes, sloths, spiders, a giant otter, a manatee, and all kinds of things. You start in the top, which is the rain forest canopy, and work your way down to the aquariums. They give you a guidebook at the beginning with the daily schedule, which includes talks and animal feedings. We got to see the giant otter and the sharks get fed. The sound system for the talks was not great, however. The background noise of an entire rain forest kind of drowned out the guides. The whole place is clean, and informative, and the animals are healthy and well-cared for.
aquarium 1 aquarium 2 aquarium 3 aquarium 4
Now for the practical details:
1) It’s a bit pricey, but I think it’s absolutely worth it. You can spend the ENTIRE day there, there’s so much to see. Keep and eye out for a Groupon or other discount.
2) Pay for parking, (it was either $7 or $5, can’t recall), but the parking is right across the street, and plentiful.
3) We went on a weekend and it was moderately busy. Not so crammed you couldn’t see anything, but enough people that you sometimes got caught in a clump.
4) Very stroller and kid friendly. The changing areas were clean and in working order. I didn’t check if they have changing tables in the men’s rooms or not.
5) There is food you can buy there, both snacks and in a cafe. We had our own snacks with us, and stuck to those. No one checked our bags or told us not to bring in outside food.
6) It’s all nice and cool! It’s not like, air conditioned, but it was kept pretty cool, and everything is shady and breezy.
7) BRING A CAMERA. I neglected to do so, which is why I only have terrible cell phone pictures for you.
8) You don’t need to get there at the crack of dawn, but I would give yourself at LEAST 3 hours to look around. We had about that much time before closing, and felt rushed toward the end.
9) Read the schedule they’ll give you. It has animal feeding times and guide talks listed, and those are worth seeing.
10) You don’t have to have kids to enjoy this place. Hubby and I loved the whole place, and my sis, Beans is a huge fan also. Baby Nacho wasn’t too interested in the monkeys and leopard, but the fish, and especially the octopus were enthralling.

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I just found the coolest thing on the internet

If you loved the 80’s, you will love this video. It is epic:

Space Stallions

If you enjoyed that, you’ll be glad to know that they also have a facebook page, and the show might actually get made! For now, just watch the trailer repeatedly, like I am.

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I finally found a dragon fruit

I love to try new things, and by “things” I mean food. I had one adventure with Asian fruits, which went well, for the most part. I have been trying to find dragon fruit since then, and have just now succeeded. This thing was surprisingly large, the equivalent of a medium baking potato.

What amazing pictures, you say! Why thank you! I took them in daylight, instead of the usual nocturnal-cave-view I usually use.


The fruit is lightly sweet, and the seeds crunch like kiwi. The flavor was similar to a very mild kiwi flavor, actually. It was kind of expensive though, $6 for one fruit, so I won’t be adding it to our normal grocery list. It is definitely worth trying, though.

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(Belated) Halloween!

Hubby and I have a ridiculous Halloween party every year. It’s our favorite holiday, and we try and come up with something new whenever we can. This year, we may have reached the pinnacle. The whole house was decked out like a mad scientist’s lab, and we crafted things for months in advance.

Cthulhu monster!

Bloody thift store sheets!

This was so much fun. Bloody plastic sheeting!

Creepy staticky TV!

Shelf of specimens! (including baby parts in jars!)

Yard tools are so creepy in this context:

Bloody torso!!!

Failed escape attempt!

This is an underwear mannequin we own, and what better use for her?

Bloody teeth!!


Bloody surgery gloves and tools!


Torture table!! (Complete with Justein Beiber CD!!!)

More creepy medical things!

IMG_2262 IMG_2263 
More decorations!

IMG_2264 IMG_2265 IMG_2266 IMG_2267

Unhappy dogs in costume! (Flapjack’s arrived later that night)

Evil surgeon and patient, with happier, de-costumed dogs!

And of course, an amazing cake by Brandy the Stew Rat.

Abercrombie zombies!

Doctor Horrible!


A non-costumed person, vampire, hitchhiker, me, and Batgirl!


Brandy and her awesome husband James as old fashioned reporters!

Demon cat!


My wonderful Hubby was the robot David from Prometheus!


I was dressed as Noomi Rapace’s character, Elizabeth Shaw, which is why I was covered in blood. David is putting something in my drink labeled “Totally not Alien DNA”.

I even used my surgery scar as part of my costume! I super glued metal bits over top to look like staples. We had such a great time, and I have no idea what we’re going to do next year!

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So…no apocalypse?

I don’t know about you, but I was a teeny bit disappointed there was no apocalypse. I had already mapped out which houses on the block to raid, our weapons were ready, food and water stocked, and plenty of crafts to keep me occupied. Then…nothing. Not even a small town taken over by zombies! No aliens or meteors coming from space, no leather-clad gangs roaming on motorcycles, no worldwide plague, no solar flares or mega-storms, volcanoes or mutants.  

To console ourselves, Hubby and I watched a string of post-apocalyptic movies, so we could at least survive the wasteland vicariously. We stumbled upon an absolute GEM of a movie, called “The Bed Sitting Room” (in Britain that would be like a studio apartment, I believe).

bed sitting

The movie is from 1969, and it was completely amazing, and not in a terrible B-movie way. The settings are truly post-apocalyptic, and the story is weird and funny. It’s not a serious, Mad Max style apocalypse; more like Monty Python, but still incredibly well done. You will even recognize Veruca Salt’s father amongst the cast. It’s on instant on Netflix, so you really have no excuse not to watch it.

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The 2nd Coolest Wedding Ever

What have I been up to lately? Just the same old, same old. You know, laundry, dishes, work, performing a wedding ceremony, laundry…oh yeah I’m a Reverend now! And it’s all because my amazing brain twin, Kornberg, decided to elope! She’s so creative, fun and practical; if my wedding hadn’t been so amazing I would be super jealous. She and her man decided to recreate their first date, so we performed the ceremony at the Alamo Drafthouse Village.

You’ll notice the Holy Book I used is the Pirate Handbook. This is my favorite picture of the whole day:

Alexandra at ixi photography was fantastic, and I’m so impressed she caught this moment when Matt first saw Kornberg in her dress.

They are such an adorable awesome couple!

I want Alexandra to follow me around taking pictures at all times, because I know how amazing looking I am, but she captures it beautifully.

I love all the things going on in this picture, Kornberg looks super excited, Matt just looks happy and handsome, and I look hot and clueless. I think that’s a pretty common expression on my face, but at least I look good doing it.

This one truly captures their essence. Gorgeous and hilarious at all times, and in their own little world of private jokes and fun. So adorable. Congratulations, you crazy kids! To see more pictures of me and the happy couple, head over to the ixi photography blog. There’s also a detailed account of how the Kornwallbergs met, and how amazing and cute they are. Thank you so much for letting me be involved in your special day, and to play such an important role, and for the cupcakes. I love cupcakes.

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Disney World: Epcot

After Hubby and I explored Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we spent a day at Epcot.

I had never been to any Disney parks at all, and Hollywood studios was a surprising treat. Epcot, however, seems to be the neglected step child of the parks. Three different rides we went on broke while we were on them or in line. We had fun, in general, but a lot of that is because we’re just so darn entertaining on our own. The first thing we did was go see Captain Eo, the Michael Jackson 3D movie. It was surprisingly cool, and reminded me a lot of Labyrinth or Star Wars, which is appropriate considering George Lucas worked on it.

After that we rode Mission: SPACE. That line had delays because something broke, so a bunch of people left the line to go ride other things. We eventually got to the front, but not after many dire warnings about how you might get motion sick, and there are vomit bags if you need them. It was very unnerving, but I had no problem on the ride. I can get car sick if I’m not the one driving, so that should tell you how not-nauseating it was. While you’re waiting in line they have a giant model of a space station that rotates the entire time:

It was really cool, but we were staring at it for a long time while the ride was delayed. The ride itself is fairly short, but it was fun; worth riding if there’s a short line. While we were in Future World, we also rode Spaceship Earth, the ride that goes inside the giant Epcot ball. While we were on it, it just stopped. We sat there staring at animatronic Egyptians making papyrus, and I texted “So this is how I die. At Epcot, inside the giant silver ball. Of course”, to Kornberg, knowing she would be sad, but entertained by the oddity of my death. It started back up, and everything was fine.

After that, we explored the World Showcase, which has small areas dedicated to different countries. Our favorite was China. There’s a 360 degree movie screen that shows a documentary about China, that was interesting and beautiful.

There were apparently also Chinese acrobats, which we missed. It was raining, so a lot of things got moved around. Several of the world areas were only gift shops, so we avoided those. The Mexico area has a really boring boat ride, especially when compared to the Norway viking boat ride. But the viking one ALSO froze up while we were on it, and while we were in line we were stuck behind a mom, daughter, and grandma who were all slapping each other constantly. It was like the Three Stooges, but sad and disturbing. We ate at the Morocco area, which was good and not ridiculously expensive, and we wandered the rest of the globe. America was really boring, but I’ve been there in real life, so I had seen everything already. Japan was cool, and they had a small exhibit about Japanese demons, or Oni, which was interesting.

The lamest one by far was Canada, and not because I’ve been there. It was one video, on a 180 degree screen (so automatically half as cool as China), and Martin Short is in it, trying his best to be funny. He tried so hard, but it’s just showing cities in Canada. Surely there has to be something more interesting there than sky scrapers.

After that, Hubby and I booked it back to Hollywood Studios. We rode Star Tours about 6 more times until we both wanted to die, in spite of the Dramamine. We stayed for the closing Mickey Mouse on water show, which was kind of cool, but had a lot of clips from Disney movies played on water spraying into the air. They did have a giant dragon which was really cool, and the show was worth watching. Kids seemed to go crazy for it. Thus ended our second, and final day at Disney. My final summary is that as awesome as Hollywood Studios was, Epcot seems like an afterthought. It’s just the same as it was in the 80’s. Very little has been updated or maintained, which is really too bad. It really reminded me of the Venture Compound on Venture Brothers: deteriorating and neglected. If we ever go back to Orlando, I would avoid Epcot and check out some of the other parks.


Update: I went over this post with Hubby, and he reminded me that we actually did Spaceship Earth before Mission Space, but all the names sound the same, so I get them mixed up.

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Disney World: Hollywood Studios

Hubby and I were fortunate to visit Florida recently, and I experienced Disney World for the first time ever. It was more fun and more expensive than I imagined. Here are our adventures at Hollywood Studios:

Giant Mickey Hat

This is Mickey’s giant hat that sits in the middle of the park

Old Star Tours Droids

Old Star Tours Droids

Hubby and I are huge Star Wars fans, so we rode the Star Tours ride until we were both nauseous. These droids move and talk, but they are “malfunctioning”. They are the droids from the original Star Tours ride, and I think it’s really cool that they reused them for the new ride. My Hubby experienced a wave of nostalgia on seeing them, and I’m sure tons of other people do, too. We didn’t end up waiting in line for long, but there are droids all along the waiting area making jokes, talking, and moving, which gives you something to look at. In fact, we wished we’d gotten to wait in line at least once so we could see everything.

This giant At-At greets you on your way to the Star Tours ride. It has always been there, but it’s now surrounded by a giant Ewok village up in the trees. This is an ingenious arrangement, because it provides shade while you’re in line, and looks bad-ass. All over Disney I noticed details like this that were well thought out, and executed to perfection. The place was almost too perfect.

Riding a speeder

Disney also has employees all over the park waiting to take your picture for you. They have their own cameras, and they upload everything digitally, and you can download it yourself at the end of the day. They do charge for this, but they had no problem taking a picture with my camera for us. This speeder is across from Star Tours, set up just for taking pictures, and it was so cool.

Hubby and I thoroughly explored the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids play area, and it was amazing. It looked just like the movie! There was a giant super soaker, film, a cookie, this giant ant (I think he’s called Anty in the movie) that you could ride on for photos, and this guy:

We also went to the Indiana Jones stunt show, which was amazing. If you get to go, definitely check it out. They’ve apparently expanded it quite a bit over the years. The Muppets in 3D was cool, too. It was 3D like you’d expect, but then they integrate effects in the theater, like Sweetums, Statler and Waldorf, and explosions! Once again, I was surprised by the level of thought and detail applied to what seemed like a basic show. I had a lot of fun.

One of the last things we did was explore the Pixar area. Hubby actually rode the Toy Story ride, which functions like a giant video game (I wussed out since I was still super nauseous from too much Star Tours). He said you each have a gun mounted in front of you, and the ride takes you through different story lines, and you have to shoot things and earn points. It sounded fun, and he enjoyed it.

Disney Pixar area

I love how the whole area was Toy Story themed. These army men are hauling a Scrabble board that says “You’ve got a friend in me” and “Meet the toys”. There are performers dressed as army men wandering around to take pictures with, and the whole inside of the ride was covered with giant barrel-o-monkeys, board games, and Andy’s toys from the movie. There’s also a giant animatronic Mr. Potatohead that makes jokes while you’re in line.

Of course we ended the day at Star Tours again. On the ride, you are taking a transport somewhere else in the galaxy, and the autopilot accidentally starts up before the pilot gets on the ship. C-3PO and R2-D2 take control, and fly you to a few locations in the Star Wars galaxy. There are 6 possible planets you can visit, and they were all fantastic. We just nerded out completed and had a grand old time. You end up in the gift shop (of course), but they do have some cool stuff.

Hubby and I had such a great time, we actually went back for another day, which I didn’t expect. Hollywood Studios was really cool, and everything was planned exceedingly well. It’s like the designers took basic rides and said “What can we add to that?” and then added even more. I was honestly surprised how much fun I had.

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Star Wars: The Drinking Game

Apparently my Star Trek drinking game post riled up a few of my Trekkie friends. I’m still friends with them in spite of their Trekkiness, yet that’s not enough for them. One had to write a rebuttal post. It’s not as clever as mine, but who could even come close to that level? I normally don’t post on even-numbered days, but since the guest blogger is Black from Two Tokens, and Friday is their traditional posting day, I’ll allow it. Sit back and enjoy some good natured Star Wars mockery:

For those that do not know, ThatCleverChick is a bit of Star Wars fan. And by a ‘bit’, I mean huge, and by ‘fan’ I mean raving lunatic. She’s called me out on my own geek blog for my many indiscretions regarding Star Wars canon. Everything from name spelling to the anatomical accuracy of a Yuuzhan Vong warrior has been scrutinized under her ever-watchful gaze. She’s chided more than once for my love of Trek. She even refuses to call the show by name, but rather refers to it as “that show with 10 white dudes sitting around negotiating peace treaties.”

I think Star Trek is a far better moniker, but to each their own.

Understand folks, I’m not a Trekkie/Trekker or a Star Wars fanboy; I consider myself an enthusiast of all of the above. However, there comes a time when the scales of nerdom are tipped; and they must be righted so that balance may prevail. That being said, I feel it’s only right to level the playing field. So, grab a Romulian Ale and get comfy. Let’s run down a list of what a Star Wars drinking game would look like – shall we?

1. Anytime brother and sister kiss, drink a beer.
2. Every time Obi-Wan Kenobi loses a fight, drink a beer.
3. Every time someone says “I have a bad feeling about this”, drink two beers.
4. Anytime Anakin seems like he’s going to the ‘dark side’ when in actuality it’s just him being emo and bitching, drink a beer.
5. Anytime someone falls down a shaft, drink a beer.
6. Do three shots every time Jar-Jar says me’sa or something stupid. Check that…only do half a shot, I don’t want any hospital bills.
7. Anytime someone is captured, and instead of killing them, Darth Vadar allows them to escape – finish whatever drink you have.

There’s plenty more, but I’ll leave you with that for now 😉wink


Clever Chick’s commentary: I only had you people doing shots, because there are so many things that give you the urge to drink in Star Trek, I wanted all of you to restrain yourselves. You’ll notice that Black, however, is trying to get you super drunk, quickly so you don’t realize how far it is between drinks. He also focuses on mocking the prequels, whereas I took the high road, and left the original Star Trek alone, since I know you are all justifiably embarrassed about it. I wouldn’t want to rub salt in your wounds. Someday soon, Black and I will get together and bury the hatchet, probably by creating a Battlestar Galactica drinking game.

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In Defense of Nerds

This week I was lucky enough to write a guest post on the Two Tokens web comic. Please head on over there and enjoy my scathing commentary! I’m hilarious and bitchy, all in one!

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