Baking Day

What to do on a hot summer day at home with the family….heat up the whole house by baking a bunch? Why not!? Maybe it wasn’t the best plan, but Hubby and I had a fun day working in the kitchen together, while our baby, Nacho, played on the floor. It was such an adorable scene of domesticity, Donna Reed would have been jealous. So what did we make? 

Goat cheese and pear pie! I know it sounds super fancy, but I got the goat cheese at Costco super cheap, and the pears were home-canned ones Mi Madre made. I used this recipe, but I used store-bought pie crust (cause I’m classy), and left out the pine nuts (cause I didn’t have any). It tasted like goat cheesecake. It was great!

We also made cookies! My sis-in-law gave us one of those jars of cookie mix for Christmas, so we finally got around to making them only 8 months later! Not too shabby. You can tell a couple of them got a little extra “love” from the oven, but they all tasted great.

No real advice today, I just wanted to prove that I’m still alive, and active, and use these pictures I took. Oh, and brag about my delicious goat cheese pie!


September 27, 2014. Tags: , , , , . Cooking.

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  1. Harold Ploegstra replied:

    Looks good! How nice to give cookies “extra love”.

    Did I ever tell you that when I was a bride I attempted to make a pie? Did I tell you there was no such thing as ready made crust back in the dark ages? Did I tell you I had married a man who’s mother won blue ribbons for her pies and could make a pie crust with her hands while pushing a sewing machine treadle with her feet? I’ll bet you have the picture now.

    It’s a short story. Attempted making a crust. Rolled and re-rolled. Crust got tougher and tougher. Your grandfather came home from school and laughed at the crust. I threw the crust into the corner of the kitchen. Oh yes, then I cried a lot and grandfather apologized profusely, etc. etc.

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