Breakfast Quinoa

I saw a recipe for savory oatmeal somewhere, and I thought, “That would be much better with quinoa, which I happen to have gallons of from my Costco trip“. So I did it, cause I’m cool like that. You will need:

1 cup quinoa (I used red quinoa this time)

2 cups broth or water

1/2-1 cup shredded cheese

2 green onions, chopped

3-4 eggs

optional: leftover cooked veggies

Cook the quinoa according to the instructions, using broth or water. While that’s cooking, either fry or poach your eggs. You could scramble them also, I guess. I won’t judge. I will judge if you hard boil them though, and harshly. When the quinoa is done, mix in the shredded cheese and chopped green onions. I also happened to have some cooked zucchini in the fridge, so I heated it up, and threw it on top, then dropped the egg on top of that. The whole process takes ~20 minutes or so, and yields 3-4 servings. This is a great hearty breakfast, perfect for those days when you have a lot to get done. It will stick with you for hours.

Also, keep in mind, I’m not a food photographer. I make my food, take a picture, then eat it. I don’t sit around, posing it for hours, analyzing lighting, etc. I’m usually starving, and barely remembered to take a picture in the first place. I still think this one came out pretty good, though:



June 13, 2014. Tags: , , , , , , . Cooking.

One Comment

  1. adanelz6 replied:

    From time to time I do love savory breakfasts. I also love quinoa in place of sweet oatmeal sometimes.

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