New Meaning for Dog-sitter

As most of you know, I recently had a baby. Now that he’s over three months old, I don’t have to watch him like a hawk the way I used to. We’ve been working with our dog, Flapjack, this whole time so he can take over some of the baby-watching duties. It’s important to start early, so that dog and baby are familiar with the routines by the three month mark.

Start training your dog by rubbing peanut butter on the baby. Allow your dog to lick it off. This will train him to bathe the baby for you. I recommend creamy peanut butter, and start with just a few smears, like on the cheeks, chest, and hands.

You can also train your dog to notify you when the baby needs something. Start by laying your baby down on the floor a couple rooms away from you. When the baby starts to cry, give your dog a treat. Gradually move the baby further away, and train the dog to sit by the baby until it starts crying. Give it a treat when it comes to notify you. Next thing you know, you can be on your porch sipping cocktails for hours, while man’s best friend keeps watch.

Dogs and babies love to nap together. Train your dog to roll your baby to his back for naps, and to his tummy for tummy time, by hiding treats under the baby.

enzo on floor
Training your dog to change diapers is the most challenging, but the most rewarding, in terms of time savings. Start by training him to open the diaper tabs, then to throw the diaper in the garbage. The hardest part for dogs is using baby wipes. Make sure to leave the package open with the top one hanging out so it’s easy to grab. You may have to experiment with different brands to find ones that are durable enough. The time invested early will pay dividends when you’re catching up on Game of Thrones while your dog does the dirty work.


Having your dog read to your baby can be rewarding for both of them. Babies don’t speak English, and neither do dogs, so they can bond over that commonality. Those big plastic books make it easy for your dog to turn the pages.


It’s possible for your dog to help feed the baby, but you should probably at least prepare the bottles yourself, for sanitation reasons. Dogs can easily hold bottles for babies who are too young to hold them themselves.

If you haven’t figured it out, April Fool’s!! Please, don’t rub peanut butter on your baby.



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  1. hamidlifewall replied:

    aww, how do you get peanut butter off a baby?

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