Simple Organization

Hubby has this electric hair trimmer that was driving me nuts. It came in a box, but the latch on the box was crap-tacular. Every time you’d try to get it out of the cabinet, it would fall open:


Scattering clipper parts hither and yon:


Making me curse the box designers and their descendants for eight generations:


Rather than continue to sacrifice my sanity, I bought a plastic bin to hold the stupid clippers:


Now everything is contained, and I can even put the hair gel in with the clippers!

One less hassle in life is always an accomplishment.


March 27, 2014. Tags: , , . House Stuff.


  1. mywildhood replied:

    I still have stuff in boxes from when we moved years ago. It’s “organized”, but they boxes are terribly ugly. I need to do this!

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      If they’re cardboard boxes, you can wrap them in wrapping paper to make them look better.

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