Vegetarian Moussaka

My friend Sara-of-the-long-red-hair made this recipe for us once, and it TOTALLY changed my view of eggplant. I had never been much of a fan before, but in this dish I can’t get enough. In fact, I have some of this as leftovers for lunch today! This dish is tomato-y, a little sweet, and creamy, and has great flavor complexity.

This recipe is the one I used, but that one is vegan and mine is vegetarian. Basically, I used regular cream cheese and milk instead of the soy versions. Sara makes it vegan, and I honestly can’t tell a difference, flavor-wise, so it’s your choice. If you’re trying to introduce someone to either eggplant or vegan foods, this is a good recipe to use. Sara also throws in some pre-cooked lentils to thicken the sauce and add protein.

I’m going to be incredibly lazy and just let you use the link above for the details of the recipe. I want to share some blog hits with someone whose website I find very useful! So I’m really being lazy out of the goodness of my heart.

True to form, I did not follow the recipe exactly. For some reason, I seem incapable of that. So use the above recipe for reference, and here are my changes:


I didn’t actually broil the eggplant. I know my oven has a broiler, but I have no idea how it works. I just put the slices in the oven at 400 until they looked like this:


I believe I left out the red wine, because I didn’t have any in the house. I have also used fresh tomatoes when I had too many in the fridge.



Sara serves this over pasta, but I just eat it straight. It can be a little saucy, so some rice, lentils, or textured vegetable protein would work in it. If you wanted to add extra of the creamy topping it would taste amazing, but of course make it much less healthy. This recipe also freezes well. I’m going to eat my leftovers right now!


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  1. TextileRanger replied:

    I made this with a couple of changes. I added in black beans and some crumbled feta cheese. Also, to the onions I added some chopped red bell peppers (I know you are saying “yuck!”) and some chopped nopalitos. The nopalitos are tart, but since I sauteed them with the onions and peppers, they caramelized and added a nice fresh flavor. I invited my neighbor to join us to try it, and we all loved it!

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