Reusing Baby Clothes

A friend of ours, Sara of the Long Red Hair, hand made us this adorable baby pirate outfit. Unfortunately, I gave birth to a behemoth, and he never fit into it. We decided to use it to revamp one of baby Nacho’s stuffed animals.

Here is Hobbes, a gift from Hubby in years past, when he was still Boyfriendy, which doesn’t have a great ring to it. He agreed that Hobbes would probably enjoy the new outfit. The bow simply came untied, and a seam ripper detached the heart easily (that is a grotesque sentence).

Fortunately, Hobbes is MUCH easier to dress than Nacho:

Now we have another pirate to join Nacho’s crew! You can do this with any really special baby outfits. When I was growing up, my clothes got handed down to my sister, Beans, and then to my Cabbage Patch doll.

For the bulk of the clothes, since small kids generally outgrow things before they’re messed up, hand them down to friends and relatives kids, or donate them to thrift stores (assuming you aren’t saving them for your next kiddo).


March 11, 2014. Tags: , , , . Baby Stuff, Eco Stuff.


  1. jkornbergwall replied:

    Don’t forget that you can also use baby clothes to dress the cat and/or dog.

  2. How to Shop for a Baby Shower: pt 2 | My Attempts at Cleverness replied:

    […] the new arrival. We are so fortunate to have talented friends, and we received a crocheted narwhal, a tiny pirate outfit, pirate quilts, and a pirate cross stitch, all handmade just for my baby Nacho. (There seems to be […]

  3. JenniLoryn replied:

    Omgosh that outfit is adorable! Tell her i need the pattern! 😉

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