Star Wars: The Clone Wars

This is what I’m calling a “Classic Post”, meaning I started the post FOREVER ago, then forgot to finish it. I just found the pictures, and I think they’re funny, so here’s a “Classic” Post.

The Clone Wars was the only show Hubby and I actually watched on television. Everything else is Netflix, or neglected. The show used to be scheduled to come on Friday nights. Unfortunately, they moved it to Saturday mornings, the one day a week I usually get to sleep in. I am too damn old to get excited about getting up on Saturday mornings. Hubby, however, is not, so I decided to power through, motivated by nostalgia:


Forbidden sugary cereals! Hooray! Obviously, I had to supplement mine with coffee. Money may not grow on trees, but consciousness does, in the form of tiny, stinky beans. I looked for a Star Wars themed cereal, but the whole cereal aisle is being over-taken by grown-up “healthy” cereals. Even if we don’t have themed cereal, we can still have a nerd-tastic breakfast:

Lightsaber Spoons

Lightsaber Spoons

You know you are so jealous. We have the R2-D2 cookie jar also, but it’s in our safety deposit box, so don’t bother trying to steal it. The show is fantastic, and it’s really sad that it was prematurely canceled. Supposedly a bunch of episodes were complete and just waiting to air when Disney pulled the plug. I really hope they get released on DVD at least so we can find out what happened. If you missed out on the series, go ahead and catch up. It still ended with closure UNLIKE FIREFLY. Plus this way you can watch it whenever you want instead of having to get up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday!


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