Herb Biscuits

I wanted some biscuits the other day, but had no eggs or milk in the house. I googled “No milk, no eggs biscuits” and found this recipe from cooks.com. Since they use actual measurements in their recipes, unlike my half-assed “I think I used about a cup” type recipes, you should probably check them out. I mixed in some olive oil, dried basil, and garlic salt as a variation. The comments on the cooks.com site also mentioned using cheese and jalapeños as a topper and mix-in, which I might try next time. 

Here’s my pinterest-quality before shot:

They don’t really puff up, but I liked them. They are great with soup or a little butter inside. The recipe was really easy, and lots of variations are possible.

Also, today is my due date, so this post is dedicated to the little bun in my oven! I’m pre-writing a bunch of posts, so I’m really hoping I had him by now. This has been a long, uncomfortable process that better be worth it in the end. (It probably will be, otherwise people would quit breeding after one kid). At least I’ll be able to drink again soon!


December 13, 2013. Tags: , , , , , . Cooking.

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  1. Shepherd’s Pie | My Attempts at Cleverness replied:

    […] then made a triple batch of this biscuit dough, one batch of which I smashed out for the topping on my shepherd’s […]

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