How to make less mess in the kitchen

I cook a lot, even now in my giant state of gestation. I’m actually cooking extra and freezing it for later, but that’s a tale for another post. I hate making a mess in the kitchen every single day, or at all, so I have developed a few tips to reduce the prevalence of mess in the kitchen.

If you’re chopping veggies, have all your materials at hand: here we have 3 bean salad on the left, compost in the back center, veggie sticks on the right, and cutting board front and center. All of this takes place directly next to the sink so I can easily wash veggies.

Any time you’re about to start cooking, have the dishwasher empty and ready for each dirty dish as you’re done with it. If you hand wash things, have your drying rack empty, and a sink-full of hot, soapy water ready to go. I often finish some of the dishes while something is simmering on the stove.

Chop veggies for multiple meals at once. You can also shred cheese or cook extra meat for more than one meal at a time. My products for the day shown here: veggies for shepherd’s pie and veggie sticks to eat at work in the containers on the left, 3 bean salad center, and veggies for Hubby on the right. These all lasted most of the week. Obviously you don’t want to cut things up TOO far in advance, but a few days at a time is fine.


Anything you can clean as you go makes clean up MUCH easier. When you’re done with the olive oil, put it away. Wipe down each section of counter as you’re done with it. Put dirty dishes in the dirty dish receptacle. Throw trash away. Prevent messes in the first place by covering spattery foods, and by making sure pots don’t boil over. There’s usually lots of down-time in the kitchen where you have to be in there to make sure things aren’t exploding, or scorching, so you might as well put it to good use. By the time you’re done cooking, most of the kitchen can be back to normal, if you keep on top of it during cooking. At the very least, if you end up with half the mess already dealt with, there’s that much less to do at the end of the evening. I know that for me seeing a destroyed kitchen is much more daunting than a HALF destroyed one.

Do you have any mess-reducing tips? Leave them in the comments, and maybe I’ll acknowledge your presence!


September 23, 2013. Tags: , , , . Cooking.


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