Cheap Pregnancy: First Trimester Part 2

My previous post about how to have a cheap pregnancy got too long, so here’s the part 2, covering clothes and things for both you and baby:

Clothes: For the first trimester, you won’t necessarily gain any weight, especially when combating morning sickness. You may still want to wear looser, flowy clothing rather than constricting items. Most ladies seem to have a collection of “fat” clothes, or “period” clothes for when you’re feeling bloated. Dig through this collection first before going shopping.

Towards the end of this trimester, and heading into your second, you may start needing something loose to give your bump room to breathe. As always, I recommend hitting the thrift store first. Hopefully you’re already a thrift afficiando, so this will be easy. If not, get started now! Kids are expensive!

Look for clothes you can still wear after you have the kid. I found several large, flowy, high-waisted dresses that aren’t techinically maternity, but have lots of bump room, and I can still wear after having the baby. Those are mostly for the office, but for home-wear I have sundresses and several loose skirts and tops to wear.

I also got a pair of black leggings that I hemmed into capris, and these have been magical. I can’t bear the thought of normal pants, even though I have some large jeans that will easily fit.

Keep in mind you don’t need to replace your entire warddrobe; this is a temporary situation, so if you wear the same thing more often than you used to, don’t worry about it. Also try not too buy too much too far in advance, since you don’t know what you might need; this goes for baby as well.

Baby clothes: You don’t need them yet, but the clothes you’ll need for the season your baby will be born might be on clearance right now! For instance, I’m due in the winter, so adorable, warm, gender-neutral outfits can be super-cheap right now. You could also stumble across something insanely adorable at the thrift shop when shopping for comfy clothes for yourself. Try not to go nuts, but picking up a few odds and ends isn’t a terrible idea.

Once you start telling people you’re pregnant (usually at the start of the 2nd trimester), make sure your friends know you’d love hand-me-downs, for either baby or yourself. We already have a crib, changing table/dresser, and breast pump because our friends and family had them, and are very giving people. You can also arrange to borrow things from friends. If they’re planning kid #2 a couple years from now, they’ll probably want to use the same crib they had for their first, but might be willing to loan it to you in the meantime.

You will also, most lkely, be able to have a baby shower and register for items you need. If you are lucky enough to be in this situation, don’t take advantage of your loved-ones’ generosity by registering for outrageously expensive, trendy items. Be practical, and register for things you’ll actually need and use, and consider prices when doing so.

If people are kind enough to make a contribution to your precious baby, be sure to show your appreciation, and don’t be a greedy, entitled bastard. Your baby is very special to you, but you don’t deserve special rewards just for breeding. People do it everyday, all over the planet, without even having clean water available, so keep your perspective. Enjoy your pregnancy 100%, but don’t put your head up your ass.

So far, just finishing my fourth month, I’ve spent about $200, including doctor’s office copays, vitamins, and clothes for both me and NachoNacho, the bun in the oven. Obviously, this is only going to increase, but being sensible along the way, doing research, and my natural cheapness should help me keep overall costs down.

PS. Just found this article that Austin is the most expensive city in the US to raise kids. Joy of joys. I will do my best to beat their cost averages!


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