How to have a Cheap Pregnancy: First Trimester Part 1

I’m just starting my second trimester, so I thought I would write an advice post before pregnancy brain robs me of all useful information. Here we go with how to have a cheap pregnancy and some pregnancy advice from a first-timer mixed in.

Food: You will obviously need to start eating healthy if you aren’t already, and that can be somewhat more expensive, if you aren’t careful. Before you run out to the store and buy a bunch of stuff, read up on what foods to avoid (sushi is widely known, but cold cuts was news to me). Also keep in mind that what sounds amazing right now might sound horrific tomorrow, so don’t buy a ton of any one thing. I wanted breaded fish filets, and at them for about 3 days straight, and now I can’t stand them. There’s still a bag in the freezer. 

You’re also probably going to be fighting nausea and possibly vomiting, so eating maybe a huge challenge. You don’t want to buy a bunch of stuff that will end up rotting because you can only swallow saltines. Seriously, don’t stock up on much.

Tip for throwing up: According to my dental hygenist, if you do throw up, don’t brush immediately. I know, it sounds horrific. The acid on your teeth can make the enamel weak, so if you start brushing you can damage your enamel. Instead, rinse very thoroughly with water, and then with mouth wash. You can obviously ask you own dentist about it.

Vitamins: You will need to start your prenatal vitamins immediately, if you aren’t already on them (FYI: some people start their prenatal vitamins when they start trying to conceive, so you might have this worked out already). According to my OB, there is no reason to get prescription prenatal vitamins instead of store-bought ones.

I also asked her about the new DHA supplements I saw with prenatal vitamins, and she said that until more studies are done, she won’t tell patients to purchase them. She’s very pragmatic, which is a big part of why I like her so much. In her opinion, there’s nothing wrong with taking them, but they could very easily just be a grab at mommies’ money by marketers. There are tons of schemes like this aimed at new parents, so by sure to think critically about purchases, and research claims before handing over your money. Of course, your doctor may have a different opinion, so follow their advice.

How to find an OB: I was very lucky to find an awesome gynecologist several years ago. She’s not an OB, but she was able to recommend a fantastic surgeon when I had to have a growth removed about a year ago, and she also sent me to my current obstetrician. If you’re not a fan of your gyno (why are you still going to them?), ask any friends or coworkers who’ve had kids for their recommendations.

Another important point is to ask friends what they did and didn’t like about their doctors. If they had a terrible experience, write down that doctor’s name on a To Be Avoided list. Even if the doctor just seemed inattentive, or ignored the husband or significant other can still be important issues. You can always research doctors on Yelp as well. You want someone you feel comfortable asking a million “dumb” questions, so keep that in mind. The time to search for a doctor is NOW, not when you’re having contractions. Also be sure to check your insurance (if you’re lucky enough to have it) for doctors in your plan. This will definitely help keep costs down.

This post got rather long, so I cut it into 2 parts. See part 2, regarding clothing and baby stuff very soon, and happy breeding!


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