Look, Ma! No stove!

As you should know by now, I live in Texas, and at this point in the year, it’s hot enough to make ice cream spontaneously combust. Combine that with the 90% humidity, and suicide sounds tempting, if only to make the trip to hell to cool off. During times like these, cooking is a nightmare chore.

To deal with this, I generally try to cook one big meal every few days, then microwave leftovers to avoid heating up the house. You can also make two big dinners in one day, two casseroles for example, and use the same method. But if today is one of those days where you can’t even bear to look at your stove, I have a few recipes for you. These are no-cook or microwave-only foods to keep you cool.

Baked Potato – make it in the microwave quickly and easily, just don’t wrap it in foil! I like to top mine with cottage cheese, pepper, and diced green onions for a big dose of protein and flavor. I know it sound weird, but it’s good, I promise. You can use dill also or instead of green onions.

Asian veggie rolls – These are a great, easy substitute for sushi, and now that I saw the pictures I wish I had one to devour. I guess I better go to the store!

Not a “real meal” – You don’t have to eat an official “dinner” if you’re not up for it. There’s no Grown Ups council watching you that will take away your Grown Up Card. Hummus and veggies, smoothies, peanut butter and celery, cereal, crackers and cheese, fruit, or just a sandwich will all serve the purpose. When it’s hot you naturally want to eat less, so just take advantage of that. Eat a little something basic, and sit under a fan, trying not to generate body heat.

Crock pot meals – you have to plan ahead some for these, which can be hard when your brain is melting out of your skull. Split pea, and lentil soup can be made with a minimum of effort and heat generation, as can dozens of other recipes. The internet is teeming with them.

Salads – pretty obvious, but doesn’t make it a bad idea. You can make salads with a variety of toppings to prevent boredom.

Some people would add some kind of Bar B Que or grilling to this list, since it technically doesn’t heat up the kitchen, but you’re standing OUTSIDE next to a FIRE. I don’t want the house to get hot because I don’t want ME to get hot. Standing next to an open flame defeats the purpose. Grills also make me paranoid that I’ll burn down my whole neighborhood and be chased out of town with pitchforks by angry neighbors. It’s a weird fear, I know, but it troubles me more than the zombie apocalypse.

Well, on that tangent, I’ll end this post. Suffice it to say, you can acquire adequate nutrients without turning your home into a hell-sauna.


July 3, 2013. Tags: , , , , , . Cooking.

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