Jewelry Revamp Guest Post

So I haven’t made an official announcement or anything, but here it is: I’m knocked up! The Hubby and I are very excited to welcome baby NachoNacho BooBoo Tarzan to the family. Pregnancy is incredibly draining however, which has led to a dearth of blog posts. Always helpful, Kornberg and my sis Beans have stepped up with some guest posts! Here is Kornberg’s helpful tutorial about remaking jewelry with jewelry you already have:

Jewelry upcycle!

So I was cleaning out some of my jewelry and ended up with a huge baggie of stuff–half of it I loved but never wore and the other half was junk.  I hated to get rid of some of it but I never wore it!  One pair of earrings stung in particular–I loved them.  I loved the texture, the pattern and the color but they were uncomfortable to wear.  Then it hit me–I can fix this!  So next time I was at Jo-ann’s, I stopped by the jewelry area and picked up some supplies.  I got 2 sizes of jump rings, 2 packs of chain, 2 sizes of earring hooks and a pack of ring bases–all of it was on a 50% off sale so it ended up being less than $15 and I have plenty leftover for future projects.


I also had 2 small pliers from other projects–having 2 was really helpful because I could use the round tip ones to hold something stable while the flat grippy ones could grab and manipulate whatever I was holding.

Of course I didn’t take pictures before but here is a mock of up of the original inspiration earrings.  The top has a post on the back and is really huge–I have other piercings in my earlobe and that smooshed them.

Here is how they ended up.  I replaced the old jump ring and put them on long hoops.  They brush the curve between my neck and shoulder now and look amazing.  Best part is that I got them originally at the city-wide garage sale for $1.


Here are the remains of another piece that I was really upset to get rid of.  I loved loved loved the beads but the necklace was an awkward length and was really bulky and didn’t go with anything.

See how awesome those are???


And here is the final product.  It’s a really long necklace and the beads are intended to sit at different levels on each side.  It’s much more in tune with my style and it looks like I spent a crapton of money on it.  I’ve seen things like this on sale for way more than I am willing to spend on costume jewelry.  I just took some of the beads from the original necklace and hooked them together in segments and then attached the chain.  I would hold stuff up to me to guess at lengths but even if it’s wrong, you can always make things shorter or longer by hooking chain.  I made sure to get chain that was easy to work with because I am a total novice and have no idea how the fancier types of links work.

These earrings were another garage sale find.  They were on posts and my main problem with them was that they tangled up with EVERYTHING.  So I pulled the posts off with pliers and put hooks on them (taken from some other jewelry that I didn’t want to re-use) so now they can hang on my earring ship.


These are locally made earrings that I loved but were too short.  I guess I like a longer look for my jewelry because these and the next 3 pieces were all just made longer.  All I did was take the hook off and put them on a longer hook.

For these I just stole a length of chain from the awesome bead necklace and inserted it between the hook and jump ring that the earrings came with.  I spend a lot of time on the phone right now and those short earrings were so annoying and would clank everywhere.  Now they won’t!

These were more garage sale earrings.  They were originally wired in silver but one of the hooks had apparently been lost and instead of replacing it, they made a new one out of what looks like a paper clip.  It was all janky and made my ear holes itch.  I also didn’t like the length–these are way too cool to be hidden like that!  So I used some jewelry wire from another project and tried to copy what the original wiring looked like.  I have no skills so they are “deliberately” messy–I made them very messy so it looks intentional.  I do this with a lof of things in my life–my hair, my make up, my art projects–so that my lack of skills is not apparent.  Now you know my secret.


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  1. Claire replied:

    Hey, awesome ideas! What kind of jewelry pliers are you using there?

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      I can’t speak for Kornberg, but I just get whatever’s cheapest at the craft store. I’ve never had an issue with size or anything like that.

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