Can Blockbuster be saved?

I had a really random, and vivid dream last night. Hubby and I were out jogging, which is the main event that proves none of this actually happened. We jogged past Snoop Dogg, and saw some guy walking around with his pants hanging down below his butt, and his underwear hanging out.

Me: “I can’t believe that is still a style. You’d think it’s been going on long enough that someone could make underwear with a design you’re supposed to see, instead of just ratty underwear.”
Snoop Dogg: “That’s a good idea, I’ll do that. (In my dream he has his own clothing line, which I’m not sure really exists) You know what? I own Blockbuster, too. Why don’t you go over there and let me know if you have any ideas to fix it up?”

In the dream, Hubby and I jogged on over to a Blockbuster and immediately saw several problems. There were 6 or 7 employees just sitting around with nothing to do. The store was tiny, and yet had almost no stock at all. In an effort to save the company, the higher-ups had decided to branch out into selling sneakers and electronics, both of which were packed in styrofoam take-out containers for some reason. I told one of the employees “Look, this place is going out of business, regardless. You should focus on finding yourself a new job.” She started crying.

When I woke up, my brain was still whirring with the task set to me by Snoop Dogg. If I owned Blockbuster, what would I do to try and turn it around?

Option 1: Turn it into a movie hang-out: build in a coffee/snack shop, have a large screen at one end and show movies while people hang out. Have movies for sale at the other end of the store. This option would obviously cost a lot, since all remaining locations would have to be heavily remodeled. They could have evening events though, when they played student films, localling made, indie movies, and old classics. I would hang out there for sure.

Option 2: Turn into a used movie and video game store. This is risky, since the big companies are trying to make their video games non-resellable, and I’m sure movie studios will try to go the same route. Also, media is heading more and more into the exclusively digital sphere, so this still might be untenable. Where I live we also have Half Price Books that resells movies, music, and video games, so depending on the market, they could have stiff competition in place. However, they already have all the equipment in place in the stores they would need, so the costs to change would be almost exclusively marketing. I also wonder what happens to all the DVDs from Red Box once they’re done with them? This could be a cheap source for inventory.

Honestly though, Blockbuster is probably a remnant of the past. They waited too long to change, and at this point any action would probably just be delaying the inevitable. I honestly don’t know if they’re even still open, but I found it amusing how methodical I was being, even in dream-land.


June 10, 2013. Tags: , , . Random typing.


  1. gay ploegstra replied:

    Of course you are methodical in your dreams, too. That’s the way your brain is wired. You definitely didn’t get that from me! My brains favorite song is The Happy Wanderer”. Oh, by the way, Block Buster has been gone from our area for at least a year. Kindly dream of something that will fill up our empty shopping centers with some viable stores.

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      I wish I knew what could replace them. In our area, the rapid growth has led to them being taken over quickly, but in San Antonio they either sit empty or become Dollar stores.

      • Gay Ploegstra replied:

        What bothers me even more is the loss of bookstores! When I buy a childrens’ book, I want to look through it first. I need to check the art work and the length of the story, etc. etc. Besides, I love the feeling of being surrounded by lots and lots of books! Amazon just doesn’t cut it!

      • thatcleverchick replied:

        I agree completely! I guess you could stop by the library to review a book ahead of time, but if you’re going to drive you might as well make the purchase there. I’m so thankful we have a Half Price Books right down the street from our house!

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