Mangos: The Devious Fruit

Mangos can be a tricky fruit. Generally, when you buy them they are rock-hard, days away from ripe. You leave them on the counter, waiting for a juicy, delicious state to be achieved. You check them constantly, only to be rebuffed by tooth-cracking firmness. Suddenly, *poof* they’re far too soft to eat. Thwarted again!!!!

Or are you??

I’ve got your back, so those tricky mangos can no longer avoid being eaten. There are a couple things we can do with these sneaky fruits.  Mangos can also be fickle with flavor, so usually anytime I cut one open, I try a tiny piece to see how it is. If they are too tart, or bland, the same rules apply as to over-ripe. The freezer is going to be our best buddy here, again.

So you have your (for a variety of reasons) “inedible” mango. This is generally only inedible raw; you can still use them in smoothies, pies, or fruit bars. Keep in mind, if it is straight-up rotten, chunk that thing. The freezer cannot un-rot fruit. It’s not a time machine. Don’t climb inside to try and go back to kill Hitler. You’ll just end up with a runny nose and broken dreams.

Peel your mango, cut into chunks, store in freezer. There! You’re done!


April 11, 2013. Tags: , . Cooking, Thriftiness is Cool.


  1. Black replied:

    First I’ve ever heard freezer, time machine and Hitler used to describe the ripening of a mango. Win.

  2. Sara A. replied:

    I make salsa with them. Food processor + mango + jalepeno + salt. Good with black beans… but bland with chips.

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