I was almost attacked by ninjas

All of this is 100% true, and literally just happened:

So I was sitting in my living room, minding my own business, when my roommate looks up and says “There are ninjas in the back yard”. This of course confused me since I don’t live in feudal Japan. I realized the shock and confusion on her face were genuine, and turned around to look out the windows. Sure enough, a ten year old boy with a shirt wrapped around his head like a ninja hood ran by, in my back yard. Usually there are only squirrels back there, so I was pretty startled. I opened the back door, and Flapjack ran outside. He immediately cornered the ninjas behind the shed, and barked as though he were a full-sized terrifying dog, instead of a tiny corgi. The boys took him seriously, though.

They finally came out from behind the shed, and boy #1 IMMEDIATELY ratted on his buddy. He pulled down his mask, pointed, and said “It was his idea!!” Boy #2 came out from behind the shed, pulled down his hood, and said “No it wasn’t!” I explained to them that if they want to come over again, they need to ask first because we have a much bigger dog also, who just isn’t home right now, so it might not be safe (it probably would, but I am not telling ninjas my secrets). They said okay, and started to walk out of the yard, heads hanging. Flapjack decided to “escort” them out, by barking viciously. They then took off running, and he gleefully chased them across the yard, barking the entire time.

The entire incident was hilarious, and even though I don’t know those kids, I didn’t impugn their honor by laughing in their faces. I congratulated Flapjack thoroughly on protecting the house, and died a little from laughing so hard. I kind of wish they had been a little more dedicated to the roll. I mean, revealing your identity right off the bat?? That’s a rookie mistake! Go watch more Batman, kids. Running around in broad daylight, 5 feet from me while the windows are open is also not very sneaky. And because my yard is dead, the shed is the only thing to hide behind. Hopefully they’ll plan their next expedition a little more thoroughly. And in someone else’s yard.


March 9, 2013. Tags: , , . Random typing.


  1. Sara A. replied:

    Omg your “bigger dog” is the most submissive dog ever. What is she going to do, roll on her back and make them trip over her?

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      She did chase the neighbor dog out of our yard, but maybe she would follow Flapjack’s lead and terrorize them?

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