Worst Book in the World!

I read a ton of books (though still not enough for my liking), so of course I come across some absolute stink-piles from time-to-time (and then force my mom to read them). First it was Madame Bovary, then that one about an evil painter that I ranted about for an hour. Then I read a book so terrible and misspelled that I didn’t even blog about it: Eviction Earth. But, that guy at least published a book, which I haven’t done, so props for that. Now though, a new steaming pile of poo has reared its head; a book so bad I wrote a bad review on Amazon, even though I got it for free!!

As you know, Mi Madre loves to read as much as I do, so she bought me a kindle a few years back. My friend Sara Of The Long Red Hair knows this and sent me a very dangerous website: Freebook Sifter. It lists hundreds of free books for kindle and has the links to Amazon to download them. I literally filled my kindle. One of the free books I downloaded is called “The Heart of Abundance“. It’s just as cheesy as it sounds, but from the description I thought it would be more along the lines of simplifying and enjoying your life.

I’m immensely glad I didn’t pay for this book. It was nothing but sacchrine drivel and bible quotes. The author’s “system” for appreciating the small things in life is to write “Abundance is…” then fill in the gap. She seems to have just looked around her house to create these jewels of wisdom. “Abundance is…a cat sleeping in your lap”, “Abundance is…fresh flowers on the table”, and on and on. Yes, every single one of them has an ellipsis. The author is also overly fixated on cats an flowers. If you’re an 85 year old shut-in, this might be the book for you. Otherwise, save your time.


January 25, 2013. Tags: , , , . Book Reviews.

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