Crock Pot Split Pea Soup

I accidentally made the greatest split pea soup EVER. Be warned, I used a TON of herbs because I get them super cheap in bulk. Basically I was sick with zombiedeathplague, so I threw a bunch of stuff in the crock pot, then went to sleep for a few hours. Because I was in a Nyquil-induced fog, I didn’t really make good measurements, but this is pretty close. You need:

1 16 oz. bag of split peas
2 tbspn dried basil
5 bay leaves
2 tbspn dried parsley
1 tbspn chopped garlic
10 cups of water and 4 bullion cubes, or 6 cups water, 4 of broth
1 cup textured vegetable protein

To make it vegan use veggie broth, and add a tablespoon or two of olive oil.
To make it meaty, add a cup of chopped ham or sausage.

Throw everything in the crock pot, and set it to cook for 4 hours. Mine ended up being too brothy, so I added a cup of textured vegetable protein. If you don’t want to do that, reduce the water by at least 2 cups. When it’s done cooking, add salt and pepper to taste.


This stuff was so thick, hearty and nutritious, I couldn’t get enough. It’s great for this cold, rainy weather, and it’s VERY filling, with a ton of fiber and protein. You could throw in even more of the spices I used, or even add cumin, or chipotle. My favorite part of this recipe is how easy it is. You can also keep all the ingredients in the pantry to make in an illness emergency. I just finished the last of it today, and I might make more tomorrow. IT’S THAT GOOD.


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  1. Sara A. replied:

    That shit needs:
    1) Onion
    2) Celery
    3) Kombu (I think it tastes better than bay leaves unless the stock is tomato based)
    4) Whole frozen peas
    5) Jen says it is good with barley but I have never tried it. You could add barley instead of TVP… the soup already has a fuck ton of protein because of the split peas.
    6) I usually add a dash of worcestershire
    7) optional – carrots

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      I did throw onions in my last batch, but carrots and celery seem like they’d be wierd. When I made a vegan batch I used liquid smoke, but I didn’t think about worcessthsdirekier that I can’t spell. What is Kombu?

      • Sara A. replied:

        I had carrots and celery in the batch I made last week and y’all ate that shit up. I have a vegan worcestershire from a specialty store but liquid smoke probably serves the same purpose. Kombu is japanese, it is a piece of dried seaweed (harder than nori, different type) that you put into broth to add umami. You can either take it out when you are done like bay leaf, or, if you slow cook it for long enough, you can stir it up into the broth and it breaks up into tiny flavor morsels. If I remember I’ll bring you some tomorrow.

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