The 2nd Coolest Wedding Ever

What have I been up to lately? Just the same old, same old. You know, laundry, dishes, work, performing a wedding ceremony, laundry…oh yeah I’m a Reverend now! And it’s all because my amazing brain twin, Kornberg, decided to elope! She’s so creative, fun and practical; if my wedding hadn’t been so amazing I would be super jealous. She and her man decided to recreate their first date, so we performed the ceremony at the Alamo Drafthouse Village.

You’ll notice the Holy Book I used is the Pirate Handbook. This is my favorite picture of the whole day:

Alexandra at ixi photography was fantastic, and I’m so impressed she caught this moment when Matt first saw Kornberg in her dress.

They are such an adorable awesome couple!

I want Alexandra to follow me around taking pictures at all times, because I know how amazing looking I am, but she captures it beautifully.

I love all the things going on in this picture, Kornberg looks super excited, Matt just looks happy and handsome, and I look hot and clueless. I think that’s a pretty common expression on my face, but at least I look good doing it.

This one truly captures their essence. Gorgeous and hilarious at all times, and in their own little world of private jokes and fun. So adorable. Congratulations, you crazy kids! To see more pictures of me and the happy couple, head over to the ixi photography blog. There’s also a detailed account of how the Kornwallbergs met, and how amazing and cute they are. Thank you so much for letting me be involved in your special day, and to play such an important role, and for the cupcakes. I love cupcakes.


October 17, 2012. Tags: , , , . My Quest to be more Interesting.

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