Disney World: Epcot

After Hubby and I explored Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we spent a day at Epcot.

I had never been to any Disney parks at all, and Hollywood studios was a surprising treat. Epcot, however, seems to be the neglected step child of the parks. Three different rides we went on broke while we were on them or in line. We had fun, in general, but a lot of that is because we’re just so darn entertaining on our own. The first thing we did was go see Captain Eo, the Michael Jackson 3D movie. It was surprisingly cool, and reminded me a lot of Labyrinth or Star Wars, which is appropriate considering George Lucas worked on it.

After that we rode Mission: SPACE. That line had delays because something broke, so a bunch of people left the line to go ride other things. We eventually got to the front, but not after many dire warnings about how you might get motion sick, and there are vomit bags if you need them. It was very unnerving, but I had no problem on the ride. I can get car sick if I’m not the one driving, so that should tell you how not-nauseating it was. While you’re waiting in line they have a giant model of a space station that rotates the entire time:

It was really cool, but we were staring at it for a long time while the ride was delayed. The ride itself is fairly short, but it was fun; worth riding if there’s a short line. While we were in Future World, we also rode Spaceship Earth, the ride that goes inside the giant Epcot ball. While we were on it, it just stopped. We sat there staring at animatronic Egyptians making papyrus, and I texted “So this is how I die. At Epcot, inside the giant silver ball. Of course”, to Kornberg, knowing she would be sad, but entertained by the oddity of my death. It started back up, and everything was fine.

After that, we explored the World Showcase, which has small areas dedicated to different countries. Our favorite was China. There’s a 360 degree movie screen that shows a documentary about China, that was interesting and beautiful.

There were apparently also Chinese acrobats, which we missed. It was raining, so a lot of things got moved around. Several of the world areas were only gift shops, so we avoided those. The Mexico area has a really boring boat ride, especially when compared to the Norway viking boat ride. But the viking one ALSO froze up while we were on it, and while we were in line we were stuck behind a mom, daughter, and grandma who were all slapping each other constantly. It was like the Three Stooges, but sad and disturbing. We ate at the Morocco area, which was good and not ridiculously expensive, and we wandered the rest of the globe. America was really boring, but I’ve been there in real life, so I had seen everything already. Japan was cool, and they had a small exhibit about Japanese demons, or Oni, which was interesting.

The lamest one by far was Canada, and not because I’ve been there. It was one video, on a 180 degree screen (so automatically half as cool as China), and Martin Short is in it, trying his best to be funny. He tried so hard, but it’s just showing cities in Canada. Surely there has to be something more interesting there than sky scrapers.

After that, Hubby and I booked it back to Hollywood Studios. We rode Star Tours about 6 more times until we both wanted to die, in spite of the Dramamine. We stayed for the closing Mickey Mouse on water show, which was kind of cool, but had a lot of clips from Disney movies played on water spraying into the air. They did have a giant dragon which was really cool, and the show was worth watching. Kids seemed to go crazy for it. Thus ended our second, and final day at Disney. My final summary is that as awesome as Hollywood Studios was, Epcot seems like an afterthought. It’s just the same as it was in the 80’s. Very little has been updated or maintained, which is really too bad. It really reminded me of the Venture Compound on Venture Brothers: deteriorating and neglected. If we ever go back to Orlando, I would avoid Epcot and check out some of the other parks.


Update: I went over this post with Hubby, and he reminded me that we actually did Spaceship Earth before Mission Space, but all the names sound the same, so I get them mixed up.


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