Disney World: Hollywood Studios

Hubby and I were fortunate to visit Florida recently, and I experienced Disney World for the first time ever. It was more fun and more expensive than I imagined. Here are our adventures at Hollywood Studios:

Giant Mickey Hat

This is Mickey’s giant hat that sits in the middle of the park

Old Star Tours Droids

Old Star Tours Droids

Hubby and I are huge Star Wars fans, so we rode the Star Tours ride until we were both nauseous. These droids move and talk, but they are “malfunctioning”. They are the droids from the original Star Tours ride, and I think it’s really cool that they reused them for the new ride. My Hubby experienced a wave of nostalgia on seeing them, and I’m sure tons of other people do, too. We didn’t end up waiting in line for long, but there are droids all along the waiting area making jokes, talking, and moving, which gives you something to look at. In fact, we wished we’d gotten to wait in line at least once so we could see everything.

This giant At-At greets you on your way to the Star Tours ride. It has always been there, but it’s now surrounded by a giant Ewok village up in the trees. This is an ingenious arrangement, because it provides shade while you’re in line, and looks bad-ass. All over Disney I noticed details like this that were well thought out, and executed to perfection. The place was almost too perfect.

Riding a speeder

Disney also has employees all over the park waiting to take your picture for you. They have their own cameras, and they upload everything digitally, and you can download it yourself at the end of the day. They do charge for this, but they had no problem taking a picture with my camera for us. This speeder is across from Star Tours, set up just for taking pictures, and it was so cool.

Hubby and I thoroughly explored the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids play area, and it was amazing. It looked just like the movie! There was a giant super soaker, film, a cookie, this giant ant (I think he’s called Anty in the movie) that you could ride on for photos, and this guy:

We also went to the Indiana Jones stunt show, which was amazing. If you get to go, definitely check it out. They’ve apparently expanded it quite a bit over the years. The Muppets in 3D was cool, too. It was 3D like you’d expect, but then they integrate effects in the theater, like Sweetums, Statler and Waldorf, and explosions! Once again, I was surprised by the level of thought and detail applied to what seemed like a basic show. I had a lot of fun.

One of the last things we did was explore the Pixar area. Hubby actually rode the Toy Story ride, which functions like a giant video game (I wussed out since I was still super nauseous from too much Star Tours). He said you each have a gun mounted in front of you, and the ride takes you through different story lines, and you have to shoot things and earn points. It sounded fun, and he enjoyed it.

Disney Pixar area

I love how the whole area was Toy Story themed. These army men are hauling a Scrabble board that says “You’ve got a friend in me” and “Meet the toys”. There are performers dressed as army men wandering around to take pictures with, and the whole inside of the ride was covered with giant barrel-o-monkeys, board games, and Andy’s toys from the movie. There’s also a giant animatronic Mr. Potatohead that makes jokes while you’re in line.

Of course we ended the day at Star Tours again. On the ride, you are taking a transport somewhere else in the galaxy, and the autopilot accidentally starts up before the pilot gets on the ship. C-3PO and R2-D2 take control, and fly you to a few locations in the Star Wars galaxy. There are 6 possible planets you can visit, and they were all fantastic. We just nerded out completed and had a grand old time. You end up in the gift shop (of course), but they do have some cool stuff.

Hubby and I had such a great time, we actually went back for another day, which I didn’t expect. Hollywood Studios was really cool, and everything was planned exceedingly well. It’s like the designers took basic rides and said “What can we add to that?” and then added even more. I was honestly surprised how much fun I had.


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  1. Elaine replied:

    Looks like so much fun!

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