More of me being an awesome friend


I love crafting things for my buddies, and I have suspected more than a few of my friends of hanging around for just that reason. But most people are just so excited to get something, it totally makes it worth it. Hubby and I had silk screened the t-shirts for my trivia team, The Cupcake Bitches, awhile back, and our Geeks Who Drink quizmaster, Evelyn, was enamored. She had always dreamed of finding a specific t-shirt that didn’t seem to exist. She then asked if it was something we were capable of. Aww yeah, girl, I can make yo’ shirt. This is her design, made from plain old clip art:

And *POOF* it’s a t-shirt!

Look how happy she is! Totally worth it. She’s also lost like half her body weight since this was taken (because she’s awesome and working really hard), and so a new t-shirt might be in the works soon.

My buddy Rosi also had a birthday, and she collects gnomes. I attempted to make one for her birthday last year, but he didn’t survive the firing.

This is gnome 2.0, and I forgot to take pictures of him before handing him off, so she very kindly sent me this badass picture. He’s about 6 inches tall, and I am super proud of him. Good job, me!


October 1, 2012. Tags: , , , , , , . Arts and Crafts.


  1. V replied:

    I always have T-shirt ideas. I should learn to make them.

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      It’s easier than people think it is. Get cheap t-shirts, and experiment.

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