Star Trek: The Drinking Game

I have friends from all walks of life: there are fans of Star Wars, Dr. Who, World of Warcraft, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and yes, even Star Trek. These Trekkies have been insistent that Star Trek is actually interesting, and The Next Generation is a “good” show. I have always had my doubts, but they convinced me to start watching it, especially since it’s on instant on Netflix. I’m on about episode 10 in season 1, and so far? Still not a fan.

It’s pretty bad.

So Hubby and I made it into a drinking game! We haven’t actually been drinking while watching it, because even I don’t hate my liver THAT much, but here are the rules we can up with:

Take a drink:
1) If there’s an energy being.
2) If it’s a sex episode (like they land on a planet obsessed with sex, or the crew gets a virus that makes them want to have lots of sex).
3) If Riker looks at someone really intently, as though he’d like to make sweet sweet love to them (happens most frequently with Picard and Troi).
4) If Wesley Crusher knows what’s going on, but no one will listen to him because he’s just a kid.
5) If Data askes the meaning of a normal word that he should definitely know, because it’s in a dictionary (like aphrodisiac).
6) If any of the characters use their catch phrases: Picard says “Engage”, Troi wines about feelings, or Dr. Crusher tells Picard he should be in sick bay, or vaguely references that they used to be a couple.
7) If Worf gets the crap kicked out of him.

Finish your drink:
1) If there’s an energy being AND a sex episode in one (has actually happened)

Drink 1 gallon of wine:
1) If it’s a Q episode. Alcohol poisoning is a small price to pay to avoid hearing his smarmy voice. He is just awful.

Q from star trek

When you get back from the emergency room, hopefully several episodes will have gone by, and new episodes of Doctor Who will be that much closer.


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  1. Megan G replied:

    Haha, don’t play Quantum Conundrum – I mean, it’s a great game, but the Q actor is the narrator between every level. It might drive you mad!

  2. kornberg replied:

    I don’t know if we can be friends anymore.

    • kornberg replied:

      Mostly because Dr. Crusher and Captain Picard never had a relationship, she was married to his friend who died.

      • thatcleverchick replied:

        But they always look like they want to bone! It’s not my fault they stare deep into each other’s eyes with their bodies only inches apart CONSTANTLY

  3. Black replied:

    Yeah, I have to admit…it seemed like she was all about the captain’s log.

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      HAHAHAHHAA!! See? I’m not the only one!

      • kornberg replied:

        Oh there is no denying that there was tension. But you were incorrect in your statement that they were former lovers, because they were not. Roddenberry was adamant that the focus of Star Trek was not the relationships between characters but on the space exploration to avoid turning it into some sort of space soap opera. Relationships did happen but they were secondary to the space exploration. Look what happened to DS9–it was awful and boring because it was a soap opera that happened to be on a space station.

      • thatcleverchick replied:

        I haven’t gotten to DS9 yet. The show is more interesting when you pretend it’s all about buried sexual tension between Riker and Picard.

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