What is “Austin Fancy”?

Occasionally, I am required to leave my house and go interact with people in the physical realm, mostly due to social obligations. It’s a travesty, I know. Why can’t I just stay home, watch Star Trek, and drink myself into a stupor, like God intended? I was bitching about having to get all fancy to my new gay BFF (there’s your shout out, bitch!), when he asked “What is ‘Austin Fancy’ exactly? From what I’ve heard and seen its like…a clean pair of shorts”. I explained I was attending an event that required me to SHAVE MY LEGS, so it was obviously a classy affair, but he got me thinking.

Many people know that Texas is like a whole other country, and some people would like it very much if that became a reality. Well, Austin is like a separate country inside that country, like Vatican City. We have Texas pride, but not a lot in common with the rest of the state, at least attitude-wise. You can go out to places that might have a dress code in Houston or Dallas wearing whatever you have on. There might be valets out front, but everyone inside is wearing t-shirts and drinking Dos Equis.

There’s also an interesting phenomenon I haven’t witnessed anywhere else: Young Hippies. They are everywhere here, at outdoor concerts, art shows, coffee houses, museums, you name it. They seem to wear body odor like a merit badge, and their dreadlocks are long and thick. But there are also trust-fund sorority princesses wearing tiny dresses, and puking on shoes that cost more than my car. This city is just diverse and accepting, no matter what you wear or who you are. I’ve seen older people I thought should be home watching Matlock at an art show in a random warehouse on the East side, so it just goes to show you never can tell.


September 25, 2012. Tags: , . Random typing.


  1. kornberg replied:

    Did you mention that you shaved your legs in my bathtub with my razor?

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      You should just be glad I shaved my legs at all. You see what happens when you leave me alone at your place!

  2. Black replied:

    STAR TREK!? Say it ’tis not SO! I knew you’d eventually come to the ‘light side’. I’m glad you finally admitted to being a Trek fan Clever Girl. No judgment here. It’s ok to be Takei.

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      Definitely not a Trek fan…unless you have also turned it into a drinking game? I guess I need to clarify: everytime there’s an energy being or a sex episode you do a shot…you know what? Sounds like another blog post is in order!

  3. Black replied:

    Indeed! Make it so!

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