Dress Alteration


I found this dress at the thrift store, and loved the pattern immediately. I grabbed it so I could turn it into an apron, but it actually fits me! And it fits really well (I mean, I know I’m gorgeous, but in this I look amazing!), I just wasn’t enamored of the neck line. It reminded me of terrible 1980’s, tacky, overly-tan people for some reason.

I used my seam ripper to removed the neck strap, and separate the two booby cups. I then ripped open the end of the strap (which was one long piece), and I pulled out the giant, terrible, uncomfortable beads that were inside it. Yeah, because I want giant chunks of plastic rubbing on my collar bones.

I folded the strap in half long-ways, then cut it into two pieces to be two separate straps. I sewed the ends shut, including the extra hole I made to remove the beads, which wasn’t actually necessary since I was cutting it open anyways. I see that now. 


Once I had the strap detached, I put the dress on and pinned the cups until they were the same size and shape. My goal was to create a more 1950’s-style sweet-heart neckline. And I think I succeeded:

BAM!!! See, hotness! I told you! I took the two halves of the original strap and attached them to the top of each cup so I can tie it around my neck. Again, I acheived this by putting the dress on, looking in a mirror and pinning it, then wriggling out carefully, and swearing a lot when I stabbed myself on accident. If there’s a better way to sew, I don’t know it. Hopefully, I’ll learn soon. 



August 13, 2012. Tags: , , , , , , , , . Arts and Crafts, Thriftiness is Cool.


  1. TextileRanger replied:

    Very adorable!

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      Thanks! I went back and closed up a bit of the cleavage so my bra wouldn’t show also. I may add a better picture later.

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