Zucchini Chips

Once again, my dear friend and brain twin Kornberg has come to the rescue to entertain you voracious minions. Here we have her attempt to make zucchini chips while I was down for the count from surgery, doped up on pain killers, and sleeping for days at a time:
So I saw this http://vittlesandbits.blogspot.com/2012/03/baked-zucchini-chips.html blog post on a pinterest somewhere and thought it looked good.  I was going to suggest it to That Clever Chick but then I realized that this thing involved knives so I’d have to field this one for her.  When zucchinis were on sale at HEB, I picked up 4 of them and decided to rock it. 
You will need:
cooking spray
seasoning (I did 2 batches with garlic salt and the other with Tony Chachere’s)
cutting board
baking sheet
(Clever Chick’s Note: Oooh, organic olive oil baking spray! Aren’t we fancy?)
I basically followed the instructions from the blog.  I do not have a mandolin slicer and I am not a chef so my slices were a bit thicker than a quarter.  This was not a good thing.
I also finished off the can of Tony’s–I would starve without it so I had to make an emergency grocery list addition.  I put way too much on there because I ignored the advice from Blog Lady.  This mistake was not repeated with the second batch.  
I also did not line the pan with aluminum foil.  It’s a bit wasteful and it was fine to just put them on the baking sheet.  So I guess I had a 50% success rate for ignoring Blog Lady’s advice. I got 2 zucchinis onto my (only) baking sheet and seasoned liberally.  Here is a useful, overhead shot to show my zucchini slice arranging skills.
Here is a Pintrest worthy, totally useless picture.  But it’s still pretty..
These came out ok.  They were way too thick and just were not getting crunchy.  Also they were too spicy.  The next batch I took care to slice as thinly as humanly possible.  That was the garlic salt batch and I sliced them so thin that I had to make 2 batches out of the same amount of zucchini that I used for one earlier.  These were much better–they were seasoned more moderately and were crunchy and amazing.
Overall, I would say that these are great tasting but too much trouble.  4 zucchinis would only make a small bowl and it’s a big pain to slice all of those zucchinis.  Also since I only have one baking sheet, it would take nearly 6 hours to make that one small bowl, so it’s not really worth it.

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  1. kornberg replied:

    Well to be fair, that organic olive oil spray was expired and on sale for being nearly expired when I bought it. It’s still fine so I win!

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      We are such brain twins. I just heart you so much I want to squeeze you until right before it makes you fart, then I’ll stop, because that’s disgusting.

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