Cranberry Cous Cous

I’m out for medical reasons, which I will go into later (nothing serious, but you can still send me presents), so my brain twin Kornberg wrote a couple posts for me. She’s so great; she also made me a cross stitch which will be featured later. To tide you over, here’s a recipe she wrote that I can’t wait to try:

Ok so I wanted to make something quick and easy for lunches–since it’s hot outside and I have to walk a lot, I wanted something that would not go bad in my lunch box.  This was inspired by a fancy cous cous dish I had eaten at work–my way is just as tasty and is super easy.

You will need:
pearl cous cous (2 cups at the bulk bins at HEB is $2)
craisins (or other dried fruit bits that are similarly sized)  (craisins are about $3 for a smallish bag)
garlic salt
olive oil
measuring cups
pot for boiling water
The pearl cous cous is a little harder to find but regular cous cous just isn’t as good with this recipe.  I get mine in the bulk bins but you can also find it with the regular boxed stuff.
This particular time, I used 1 cup of cous cous.  That tub holds 2 cups exactly if it’s full so I just re-use and refill it.  Follow the directions exactly–pearl cous cous is a little harder to work with than the regular kind.  I boiled 2 cups of water, added the cous cous and simmered it for 9 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Cous cous cooks like rice–you won’t have to strain or drain or anything; which is why it’s important to cook it according to the directions.  When it was done, I dumped it into my tupperware–no use dirtying up another bowl if it’s going there anyway.
I added between 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil, garlic salt and pepper to taste and a small palmful of craisins.  I really like to eat it cold, but it’s good warm.  Also changing ou the fruits is good too, once I chopped up a bunch of dried apricots I had lying around and tossed them in as well.  I love cooking with cous cous because it’s cheap and you can literally add anything to it.  You can make small amounts as a side dish or a big giant pile and feed it to vegetarians or vegans as an entree.  Sometimes I wilt some spinach or kale and toss that in there.
It was really hard for me to not inhale this thing immediately and to instead put the lid on and stick it in the fridge for tomorrow and I am too lazy to go to the store for more cous cous.  HOW WILL I SURVIVE??

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