Breakfast Tacos, Galore

I completely stole this idea from my sister, Beans. She and her hubby make breakfast tacos in bulk, then freeze them, and take them to work all week. I have been on a quest to make breakfasts I can bring to work, so I thought I’d give this a try. First, I cooked half a package of bacon, 8 strips. My whole house smells like bacon now. It’s hard not to lick the walls.

I seeded and chopped up 8 jalapenos and an onion.

Oh, I guess ingredients are a good idea. I used 8 jalapenos, 1 onion, 14 eggs, 16 tortillas, 1 package of bacon with 16 strips in it, and about a cup and a half of cooked pinto beans. Garlic salt and Sriracha to taste.

When I was chopping jalapenos I found a tiny hitchhiker! Just so you know, if you open up the jalapeno and the seeds are all dark brown, instead of off-white, you might have some of these dudes in there. I have no idea what it is, but it was adorable, so I didn’t cook him.

I sauteed the jalapenos and onions in the bacon fat, then added the 14 scrambled eggs.

While that was cooking, I set up my taco assembly area. There are a dozen tacos to go into the freezer, and 2 each for me and Hubby for breakfast.

After the eggs were cooked, I put them in a separate bowl, but I should have just put them in their tacos to avoid extra dirty dishes. I then cooked the remaining 8 strips of bacon, and used the leftover bacon fat to make refried beans. All of that then got apportioned to the 16 tacos.


I then rolled each one up in a paper towel, put them all on a tray, and slid them in the freezer. I already know this tray fits in my freezer perfectly, and this is the one I always use when I’m freezing stuff. Once they’re frozen, keep them in their paper towels, and put them in a large ziplock bag.

Of course, I had to test the recipe and make sure I would want to eat these at work for at least a week. The test-breakfast of champions.

I know I’m from Texas, but I never had breakfast tacos until adulthood. I blame my mother. It’s not her fault, she’s a *shudder* Yankee, so she didn’t know any better. I don’t know if the lack of breakfast tacos in my early life is why I obsess over them now, or if they’re just so good, they warrant this kind of devotion. Either way, I could survive on them easily. There are so many things you can put in them, they’re fast, cheap, fairly healthy, and you can eat them any time of day. Super food? More like….something far more awesome than super. Dammit, I should have said “More like Awesome Food”. Oh well. I’m still surrounded by bacon fumes; I’m not thinking too clearly.

*UPDATE* I have recently made another batch, and did the math on how much each one costs:

1 onion = $0.50
1 pound jalapenos = $0.74
1 package of bacon = $6.00
1 giant can pinto beans = $2.00
20 tortillas (out of a 50 pack) = $1.20
13 eggs = $1.69

That totals up to $12.13, or $0.61 per taco. If you don’t use bacon, they would cost half as much and be vegetarian, but then they wouldn’t have bacon. I also tried green onions instead of white, because they aren’t as watery, and they turned out great.


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  1. mywildhood replied:

    That’s a lot fancier than I ever would have thought to make! Way to go above and beyond, and make what I do look like crap. Appreciate ya! Lol

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      That’s my job, making you look like crap. 😀 They are just so damn good! Do you guys fry your bacon or make it in the oven?

      • mywildhood replied:

        We fry it. We actually always splerge when we make these, and buy pretty high quality bacon so it doesn’t turn into a giant crispy gross strip when it’s re-heated. It is pretty much like a strip of ham instead. It’s awesome.

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