The Pirates! Band of Misfits

I am so damn lucky. I was just telling a friend how Hubby and I were looking forward to the movie “The Pirates! Band of Misfits”, and then she won 2 free passes, and then gave them to me! How awesome is that? The movie comes out on April 27th, 2012, but we got to see it today!! One of my biggest pet peeves is spoilers, so all I’m going to say is it’s completely hilarious. They did a great job capturing the spirit of the books in an all-new adventure.

What books, you say? Why, these, of course:

They are all by Gideon Defoe, and each one is spectacularly hysterical. Even his website is awesome. Hubby and I are huge fans of his, and are eagerly awaiting his new book, and a sequel to the movie. GET TO WORK, DUDE. The movie, coming out in a week, is fantastic, and we’ll probably go see it again.


April 23, 2012. Tags: , , , . Book Reviews, Movie Reviews.


  1. mywildhood replied:

    Why is there a cactus and cowboy on the first one? I was not aware of Whaling Cowboys…? lol

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      I think they have a small side adventure in the desert. You would love these books, they are so funny!

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