DIY Reusable Bags

Hubby and I have a bunch of T-shirts floating around that we like, but never wear for one reason or another. I have been looking for creative ways to use them, from making throw pillows, to altering the shirts so I can wear them, to making purses. The ones for this project are just too big. I just happened to have the sewing machine set up, but this would be a very fast and easy sewing project for hand sewing, or for someone just learning to use a sewing machine. You only have to sew one straight line. Start with a cool T-shirt that you don’t wear, for whatever reason.

Flip it inside out, and sew the bottom shut. Flip it back right-side out.

Cut the sleeves off. I used the seam as a guide, and cut the whole seam off.

I then cut a rectangular area out of the neck, and you’re done!

Here’s a view of the inside, once it’s complete. They are very roomy on the inside.

Here’s the finished bag:

And I made a second one from a Ghostbusters: The Video Game T-shirt.

Total, they took about 5 minutes each. Not a bad sewing project!


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  1. Mom's Place of Sanity replied:

    I didn’t have any shirts so I went to my local Salvation Army and got shirts dirt cheap like a Sabres in great condition and only paid $2 but I used the shirts to make into bags and then used for Christmas gifts instead of paper last year! I love these things and they hold so much!!

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      That’s a great option, too. I also tend to post a facebook status saying “Anyone have any clothes they don’t want?” and harvest from my friends.

      • Mom's Place of Sanity replied:

        That’s a good way to get them too! I tried that but my family & friends just don’t wanna help me out when it comes to stuff like that.

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