Antique Stores Part 2: The Shoppening

Here are even more pics of our fabulous antique adventures:

Tiny lead soldier presidents! I known Taft was there, but I forget the others.


Seems a bit pricey to me for a handmade racist doll, but maybe that's just me.

That is a deer's foot as the handle of a knife. There was also a hat rack with deer feet turned upward to be the hat hooks, and it looked like they were giving us the deer-finger, which would be justified.

This is an awesome embroidery that was, unfortunately out of my price range.

This is the outside of on of the shops we were in.

This is from 1979, and of course I bought it! It was so cheap!

This is the best find; two Star Wars Burger King glasses, with Boba Fett and Darth Vader on them.

They were also super cheap, so I got them both for Hubby. Who's got two thumbs and is the best wife ever? This guy.

The best part about shopping with Beans and Mi Madre, is that we just walk around mocking all the horrible things we find. We love to pick out hideous things to traumatize each other with. We’re constantly asking each other “Who would make this? How on Earth did this object actually get mass-produced?” (aside from the Fonz puzzle. Who WOULDN’T want one of those??) When we find bizarre ceramic animals we give them names, like Sarcastic Deer and Skeptical Puppy. The snark is the entertainment, and it is endless. If we could be drinking at the same time, it would be so awesome the time-space continuum would rip apart from too much awesome being in one location. Which is why we stay sober. For the benefit of the Universe. YOU ARE WELCOME.

I just want to leave you with one final image. When I was uploading all these photos, the computer froze on this image for a good 20 seconds, and it was slightly disturbing. It is hypnotic, yet frightening, alluring, yet repellent. I give you:

Psycho Raccoon (or maybe fox. Or bear? Whatever, it’s creepy).


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