Breakfast Tacos, Galore

I completely stole this idea from my sister, Beans. She and her hubby make breakfast tacos in bulk, then freeze them, and take them to work all week. I have been on a quest to make breakfasts I can bring to work, so I thought I’d give this a try. First, I cooked half a package of bacon, 8 strips. My whole house smells like bacon now. It’s hard not to lick the walls.

I seeded and chopped up 8 jalapenos and an onion.

Oh, I guess ingredients are a good idea. I used 8 jalapenos, 1 onion, 14 eggs, 16 tortillas, 1 package of bacon with 16 strips in it, and about a cup and a half of cooked pinto beans. Garlic salt and Sriracha to taste.

When I was chopping jalapenos I found a tiny hitchhiker! Just so you know, if you open up the jalapeno and the seeds are all dark brown, instead of off-white, you might have some of these dudes in there. I have no idea what it is, but it was adorable, so I didn’t cook him.

I sauteed the jalapenos and onions in the bacon fat, then added the 14 scrambled eggs.

While that was cooking, I set up my taco assembly area. There are a dozen tacos to go into the freezer, and 2 each for me and Hubby for breakfast.

After the eggs were cooked, I put them in a separate bowl, but I should have just put them in their tacos to avoid extra dirty dishes. I then cooked the remaining 8 strips of bacon, and used the leftover bacon fat to make refried beans. All of that then got apportioned to the 16 tacos.


I then rolled each one up in a paper towel, put them all on a tray, and slid them in the freezer. I already know this tray fits in my freezer perfectly, and this is the one I always use when I’m freezing stuff. Once they’re frozen, keep them in their paper towels, and put them in a large ziplock bag.

Of course, I had to test the recipe and make sure I would want to eat these at work for at least a week. The test-breakfast of champions.

I know I’m from Texas, but I never had breakfast tacos until adulthood. I blame my mother. It’s not her fault, she’s a *shudder* Yankee, so she didn’t know any better. I don’t know if the lack of breakfast tacos in my early life is why I obsess over them now, or if they’re just so good, they warrant this kind of devotion. Either way, I could survive on them easily. There are so many things you can put in them, they’re fast, cheap, fairly healthy, and you can eat them any time of day. Super food? More like….something far more awesome than super. Dammit, I should have said “More like Awesome Food”. Oh well. I’m still surrounded by bacon fumes; I’m not thinking too clearly.

*UPDATE* I have recently made another batch, and did the math on how much each one costs:

1 onion = $0.50
1 pound jalapenos = $0.74
1 package of bacon = $6.00
1 giant can pinto beans = $2.00
20 tortillas (out of a 50 pack) = $1.20
13 eggs = $1.69

That totals up to $12.13, or $0.61 per taco. If you don’t use bacon, they would cost half as much and be vegetarian, but then they wouldn’t have bacon. I also tried green onions instead of white, because they aren’t as watery, and they turned out great.

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Random Animal Pictures

I found random pictures of animals on my computer that made me giggle, so I thought I’d share. This is a fat little squirrel that was sitting in a tree where I work.

This is our fat cat, Mushroom. He’s probably not trying to make me trip and fall down the stairs and die. Probably.

This is our little special kitty, Tinkerbell. She has some brain damage from being hit by a car as a kitten, and right here she was staring into a lamp because a moth was flapping around in it. She’s so precious!

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DIY Throw Pillow

I have been having a lot of fun with my friend Kornberg’s sewing machine. I found this skirt at the thrift store, and knew I needed it in my house. I didn’t know why or how, but I needed it. What’s cool about it, is it was already repurposed by a company in San Antonio, Texas. I think it was a dress which they then transformed into a skirt, which ended up at the thrift store, and became a throw pillow at my house. I love it! Screw you, landfill!

Here’s the pillow form I used, that I happened to have laying around. Another thing you could do, is just re-cover an ugly throw pillow (which I’ve done), or even just make another cover for a throw pillow you like. Then you can change your look around without burying your couch in pillows.

I turned the skirt inside out, and sewed the top of the skirt shut. The sides were trickier since they were curved, so I used a ruler and drew dots as a guide.

I then pinned along the dots. If you use a washable marker, this will just wash out in the machine. I would still use a relatively light color, just in case.

Look at that beautiful seam! One thing I learned the hard way, was not to use a really tight stitch on the sewing machine. If you screw up, it is REALLY hard to pull out by hand. So I sewed down both sides, and left the bottom open to insert the pillow.

Here we are! Finished pillow:

I hand sewed a few snaps on the bottom so I can take it out and wash the cover if I need to. You can also use velcro, which is harder to sew on, but looks better in the end, in my opinion. Someday I need to take a picture of my couch to show you all the throw pillows I’ve made. It’s getting ridiculous. Flapjack is always losing his toys in them, and Hubby prefers sleeping on the couch to the bed. I guess I better get cracking on some bed pillows.

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The Pirates! Band of Misfits

I am so damn lucky. I was just telling a friend how Hubby and I were looking forward to the movie “The Pirates! Band of Misfits”, and then she won 2 free passes, and then gave them to me! How awesome is that? The movie comes out on April 27th, 2012, but we got to see it today!! One of my biggest pet peeves is spoilers, so all I’m going to say is it’s completely hilarious. They did a great job capturing the spirit of the books in an all-new adventure.

What books, you say? Why, these, of course:

They are all by Gideon Defoe, and each one is spectacularly hysterical. Even his website is awesome. Hubby and I are huge fans of his, and are eagerly awaiting his new book, and a sequel to the movie. GET TO WORK, DUDE. The movie, coming out in a week, is fantastic, and we’ll probably go see it again.

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DIY Reusable Bags

Hubby and I have a bunch of T-shirts floating around that we like, but never wear for one reason or another. I have been looking for creative ways to use them, from making throw pillows, to altering the shirts so I can wear them, to making purses. The ones for this project are just too big. I just happened to have the sewing machine set up, but this would be a very fast and easy sewing project for hand sewing, or for someone just learning to use a sewing machine. You only have to sew one straight line. Start with a cool T-shirt that you don’t wear, for whatever reason.

Flip it inside out, and sew the bottom shut. Flip it back right-side out.

Cut the sleeves off. I used the seam as a guide, and cut the whole seam off.

I then cut a rectangular area out of the neck, and you’re done!

Here’s a view of the inside, once it’s complete. They are very roomy on the inside.

Here’s the finished bag:

And I made a second one from a Ghostbusters: The Video Game T-shirt.

Total, they took about 5 minutes each. Not a bad sewing project!

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Antique Stores Part 2: The Shoppening

Here are even more pics of our fabulous antique adventures:

Tiny lead soldier presidents! I known Taft was there, but I forget the others.


Seems a bit pricey to me for a handmade racist doll, but maybe that's just me.

That is a deer's foot as the handle of a knife. There was also a hat rack with deer feet turned upward to be the hat hooks, and it looked like they were giving us the deer-finger, which would be justified.

This is an awesome embroidery that was, unfortunately out of my price range.

This is the outside of on of the shops we were in.

This is from 1979, and of course I bought it! It was so cheap!

This is the best find; two Star Wars Burger King glasses, with Boba Fett and Darth Vader on them.

They were also super cheap, so I got them both for Hubby. Who's got two thumbs and is the best wife ever? This guy.

The best part about shopping with Beans and Mi Madre, is that we just walk around mocking all the horrible things we find. We love to pick out hideous things to traumatize each other with. We’re constantly asking each other “Who would make this? How on Earth did this object actually get mass-produced?” (aside from the Fonz puzzle. Who WOULDN’T want one of those??) When we find bizarre ceramic animals we give them names, like Sarcastic Deer and Skeptical Puppy. The snark is the entertainment, and it is endless. If we could be drinking at the same time, it would be so awesome the time-space continuum would rip apart from too much awesome being in one location. Which is why we stay sober. For the benefit of the Universe. YOU ARE WELCOME.

I just want to leave you with one final image. When I was uploading all these photos, the computer froze on this image for a good 20 seconds, and it was slightly disturbing. It is hypnotic, yet frightening, alluring, yet repellent. I give you:

Psycho Raccoon (or maybe fox. Or bear? Whatever, it’s creepy).

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Abraham Lincoln Artwork

As everyone knows, my Hubby is a super-amazing, talented artist, and I make him do artwork for me constantly. When we found out there was an art contest for the new movie Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, I begged and whined convinced him to participate. And boy, did he ever bring it.

Click this link and hit “like”:

I don’t care if you actually like it (I mean you obviously do), or me, or Lincoln, or vampires; just click like and make me happy. I am working on some kick-ass craft tutorials, and I have no qualms about withholding until I get my way. Now go VOTE!!


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Antique Store Round Up

I went antiquing with my sister, Beans, and our mom a couple weekends ago. In order to restrain myself from buying all the adorable, frightening, weird things I find, I’ve started taking pictures instead. Here are a whole bunch of them:

This is the logo on a sign

A cool old toy robot

Old metal lunch box

I don't know what this is, but I thought the phoenix on top was cool

There are lots of ceramic deer. This one looks a little put-out.

Yeah. I bought this. There are actually 2 identical ones, and we named them "The Judgmental Cats". They are shocked and appalled at your behavior!

See? Diseased/polka dot deer.

This was a decoration on a child's table that I really loved.

Toothpick holder. Because that's what potheads need, lots of toothpicks, easily accessible.

This is a hermit crab in a ball of resin. Who thinks things like this are cool?

Antique butter box

This is one of the coolest things we saw. It's a mug for a little kid, and the rocket handle is a straw! In the bottom of the mug it said "Good Job" or something like that.

So, I apparently took a crap-ton of pictures, so now this is a 2 part blog post! Hooray, me!

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I have a confession…

I feel it’s time to come clean. I am going to become a MAN!! I know what you’re thinking: “But you are so beautiful and womanly! You are a goddess! All other women are trolls compared to you!” And that’s all true. I would never do something so cruel as to remove myself from womanhood entirely. That would be a cruelty to all of humanity. So, here’s my method for temporary manhood:

Liquid eyeliner and/or mascara (this is perfect to use up something that’s drying, or almost out), and possibly some mustache stickers (they were about $3 for a 6 pack at Hobby Lobby in the scrapbook section). We had these laying around after the Western Party.

Put back your hair and wash and dry your face thoroughly so everything will adhere.

Place stickers strategically. You can see I split a mustache in half for sideburns. You can do the same for eyebrows if you want, but I didn’t want to peel my real eyebrows off at the end of the night.

Now simply fill in with the eyeliner or mascara. I found eyeliner easier to use, and I used liquid water-proof so it was more durable.

And fill in your eyebrows to a more masculine shape. I went with the “Martin Scorsese”.

See? (I’m disturbed by this).

I even make an astoundingly attractive dude. You guys are so lucky to get to see pictures of me all the time.

This whole thing came about because my friend Sara of the Long Red Hair, had a “The Thing” themed birthday party. Was I going to show up in a normal costume? You must be new here. Sara has made many amazing cakes over the years, and here’s this year’s:

I’m so repelled, yet drawn to it at the same time. The “snow” was a bed of coconut. Here we have a group shot of our Antartic outifts:

Just completely smoking hot, no matter what, right? I know. I’m sorry, I’ll try to quit hogging all the sexy, but I can’t promise anything.

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