Easy Pirate Party Decorations

Hubby wanted a pirate themed birthday party this year, so in preparation I made a cake, worked on my costume, and of course decorated. For our roomie Lea’s birthday, we had a Western theme, so I built on that to create the pirate theme.

You can make a ton of decorations using nothing but contruction paper and sharpies:

These rock formations were left over from the Western party, and they are now an underwater seascape. Butcher paper is ridiculously cheap, and a great way to add large-scale decorations. Yes, that’s a tiny skeleton at the bottom.

This isn’t a great picture, but Hubby created a sunken ship for the kitchen.

And of course, I’m making schools of tiny, simple fish, and Hubby is creating masterful works of art that will be on our wall for eternity. He’s so talented it’s almost disgusting.

We crammed Mushroom into a shark fin, which he didn’t really appreciate. He hid in the dog crate to show his resentment.

We snagged this awesome pirate ship at the thrift store, and borrowed the skull lights from pirate aficionado friends of ours.

We just already owned this skull rug. Who doesn’t?

Borrowed inflatable treasure chest with thrift store pearls hanging out.

Plastic pirate booty!

More skulls to illustrate the dangers of scurvy.

Death seems to fit into every party we throw. Also, we’re too lazy to take him down.

We already owned this and at least one other pirate flag. Again, I’m sure everyone has this kind of stuff around the house. No? Just me?

I am super proud of this crow’s nest. The nest itself is a broken laundry hamper from the thrift store Hubby spray painted brown. The mast is a cardboard packing tube. You could also use rolled up butcher paper or a wrapping paper tube. Hubby made the pirate flag from contruction paper. The monkey is from the thrift store, and is wearing Flapjack’s Halloween costume hat. The spy glass is borrowed from a friend, but I believe it was acquired at a party supply store.

We used a strip of butcher paper to continue the mast down the wall, and hung white sheets over the railing for sails. We set this whole thing up on our balcony, but this would also be great to set up in an accessible area and use it as a photo backdrop.

All of these decorations are still up, aside from the borrowed ones. It’s so soothing to live in a faux-aquarium.


March 7, 2012. Arts and Crafts.


  1. TextileRanger replied:

    I especially love the scurvy skulls and the crow’s nest. Y’all need to open a competitor to Party City, or an ice house, or something.

  2. Elaine replied:

    Cute and creative! Wow, Death doesn’t scare you when you’re walking around your place in the middle of the night?

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