Geek Bowl

For those few of you who I don’t constantly blab about this to, I’m on a trivia team. We play pretty regularly at local bars that host pub trivia during the week. The organization is called Geeks who Drink, and they have trivia on different nights all over the country.

If you’re interested, try it out. It’s a lot of fun, it’s free, and there are a variety of questions, so everyone can feel equally stupid. You can have up to six people on a team, so grab your friends and have at it. (No, Jose Cuervo and Captain Morgan don’t count as your friends. I think of them as bonus people you can have at your table).

A couple weeks ago, my trivia team and I went to Geek Bowl, the giant geek-off of the year. We aren’t that good at trivia, but we have fun in spite of our constant, horrific failures. We are completely bad-ass, with matching shirts and necklaces that Hubby and I made. Oh yeah, and we’re the Cupcake Bitches. I TOLD you we’re bad-ass.


These are our good luck charms: a squishy cupcake we actually won at trivia, and a Pez dispenser of Boromir, or someone from Lord of the Rings. I’m not really sure which one, but he did NOT bring his A game.

There were a total of 150 teams, and we ended up in place 102, just short of our goal of 99. Seriously. Our goal was to end in double digits instead of triple digits, and as usual, we failed. This goal didn’t even slip through our fingers; it got in a rocket ship and gave us the finger as it broke the sound barrier. Fortunately, I was stuffed with bar b que so I didn’t care that much.

This competition was deadly serious. People had traveled from out of state, and even studied! This was a huge ballroom full of people, but when a question was asked it was deadly quiet in there. Needless to say we were out of our league.

It was fun, once we had given up hope. I don’t plan on going back, but we continue to have our regular trivia meet-up, which is great, and includes cheap beer.


February 21, 2012. Tags: , , . My Quest to be more Interesting.


  1. Black replied:

    Hey! Where’s the March posts!? Taking a break?

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      Yes, sort of. Work has gotten a bit nuts since the one other employee left, and I’m doing everything. I have a back log of posts to write, so there will be some on the way shortly. 🙂

  2. Black replied:

    Sorry to hear about the job. Pretty much the same situation at mine as well. People one replaces them and my boss tells me to work harder. Go figure.

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