Dear Clever Chick, You Rock!

As you know, I have been unable to blog lately. This is mostly due to everything at work deciding it hates me at once, and partly due to slicing a piece off of my thumb. I haven’t even been able to crochet for over a week. Now, even though I can craft again, I left my camera at a friend’s house, so I’m completely useless. Regardless of my ineptitudes, this little minion still loves me, and as a reward I’m ripping off exactly what she emailed me. Love you! If any of you other minions have stories of triumph, feel free to share them with me and I will plagiarize make you famous, too!
Dear Clever Chick, 

YOU ROCK!  Of course you know this already because I stalk you a lot and I am way too lazy to stalk someone who is not worth the effort.  ANYWAY.
You really helped me yesterday.  A photographer friend of mine had an appointment cancel and she was in desperate need of bridal sessions for her portfolio.  She called me up and asked for my help.  I agreed and then immediately went on etsy to look for hair adornments.  What.  The.  Crap.
Over $10 plus shipping?  Seriously?  So I put on my That Clever Chick hat and went to my local craft store.  I was able to find an awesome red flower for $2.  Then I stopped at Target and picked up a pack of hair clips on clearance for $1.81.  I hot glued the flower to a clip and I was done.  I had a hair piece that was way prettier than the ones on etsy for a fraction of the cost and for minimal effort.
Look how great that is!  
But then I realized that I had 5 more clips and while I could glue another giant flower to the other big one, I still had 4 little ugly clips.  I could use them but I did not want to.  So I channeled my inner That Clever Chick and realized that nail polish was the answer.  I picked out 4 of my favorite colors and painted each of the little ones a different color.  The cheaper nail polish actually tended to cover better–I had to use a zillion coats for the expensive stuff. 
But now, for less than 5 dollars, I have 4 new, pretty clips and 1 giant hair flower and one giant clip that will have a giant flower on it next time I hit up the craft store.  Winning all around!!!!
The remaining large clip–they were all this ugly.  Probably why they were on clearance.
My 4 new hair clips!  Hooray!
So in conclusion–you have changed my life in a positive way and you’d better feature me on your blog. 
Your loyal stalker minion, 

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