Stop SOPA!

For those of you living under a rock, SOPA is the “Stop Online Piracy Act” bill currently stuck in Congress. The bill is aimed toward ending piracy of movies and music on the internet, but it is written so poorly that if anyone is even accused of copyright infringement they can be shut down until they prove their innocence.

That’s right: guilty until proven innocent.

Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Regretsy, and tons of other websites have turned off for the day, or made some form of protest. My tiny blog is joining these behemoths to show that I, too, support freedom of the internet. George Takei has written a much more eloquent protest here, and here’s a much more detailed accounting of how the bill works.

This is important, and we need to stop it.


January 18, 2012. Tags: , , . Random typing.

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