Donating for Christmas

I think everyone knows that I am a big fan of donating to charity for Christmas. I never have to worry about “Do they already have this?” or “Is it the right size?”, and I don’t have to provide a gift receipt. Here are the big long rant posts I wrote about it last year:

Anti-Shopping Christmas Guide

Christmas Fatigue

How Did it Go?

I have been exhausted of Christmas for months at this point, and I just don’t really have the heart to write about it. I just reread these posts from last year, and they made me laugh, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy them. I am pretty damn funny. I also noticed that I have a terrible crick in my neck again this year, and it’s actually been plagueing me for days. I wonder if there’s some correlation with the holidays?

My goal for the miniscule time off I have is to put away the Halloween decorations, and just let myself get better. I have been hounded by colds, sore muscles, and a stiff neck, and it is severely impeding my crafting/sleeping/work/video game time. The only thing that isn’t suffering is my Netflix instant queue.

Anyway, Merry Freaking Christmas. If you need me I’ll be on my couch with a box of wine and some gingerbread men.


December 23, 2011. Tags: , , . Random typing.

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  1. Money Basics: The Holidays | My Attempts at Cleverness replied:

    […] have to fall into that trap! Hubby and I go against the flow every year and make one flat donation to a charity, rather than buying things for anyone. That keeps our costs predictable and contained each […]

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