Jar Lids become ornaments

I finally got my act together for one Christmas Craft. I’ve had these jar lids sitting around for awhile with the idea of making them into ornaments.

I spray painted them with a matte primer to start with. It doesn’t really matter that it’s grey instead of white, and I was out of white.

Before painting them, I used a hammer and nail to punch a hole to hang them up. This worked, but resulted in a lot of swearing on my part, like most projects that involve tools.

I painted them all blue, let them dry thoroughly, then painted them blue on the other side and let them dry again. I decided this project would be a great way to use up some random odds and ends of crafting supplies, like beads and sequins. I used some Elmer’s clear glue to draw a Christmas tree on this one, and wreaths on others. You could use glitter or buttons also, and this would be a great craft for kids.

Fill in the tree with glue.

And cram it with sequins or glitter. I used a little star bead at the top for that finishing touch.

Here are some wreath ornaments also:

On the inside you can glue all kinds of cool stuff. This is a great way to reuse Christmas cards, tiny toys, or even broken ornaments. Be creative! As long as it’s sparkley it counts as an ornament.



December 21, 2011. Tags: , , , , , , , . Arts and Crafts, Thriftiness is Cool.

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