Quilt Repair Finale

A few of you may remember one of my early blog posts about repairing this quilt. It’s a family hand-me-down from the 80’s or 90’s, and it was in rough shape by the time I got it. There were whole pieces missing or loose. Clever Chick to the rescue!

Techinically, Clever Chick’s Mom to the rescue also! Once I had the majority of the repairs done, and a whole new sheet tacked on the back, I passed it off to her for the quilting part. She has some super amazing sewing machine that can quilt all that crap together. I don’t, so she stepped up. She even put edging all the way around. The corners, however, seemed to foil even her mad skills.

The first thing I did was make sure the edging lined up with the edges of the quilt. I then folded one end inside itself, and sewed it shut.

Like this:

After that, I folded the other side over, and trimmed off some extra, leaving the end to extend about half an inch past the edge of the quilt.

I folded the raw edge under and pinned it in place, like so:

I then sewed that shut. It’s not the most square corner ever made, but the other 3 worked better, and this was my first one ever, so that’s probably pretty good.

Plus, I had to stop and take pictures every two minutes for you people, so it’s not perfect. Yes, maybe I was a little distracted watching True Blood (Team Alcide!!), but wouldn’t you be with this guy on the screen??

Be really careful googling more pictures of him online; there are LOTS with his shirt off. I think I had a tiny heart attack while finding this one. But I had to choose just the perfect picture. For you. Yeah, for you, the readers. I have lost the ability to form sentences. So, the end. Enjoy!


December 19, 2011. Tags: , , , , . Arts and Crafts, House Stuff.

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