Why my folks are cool

My parents are cool. Not only did they create me and Beans, which makes them cool by association, they give me weird stuff all the time. You know how much I love free stuff!

That’s right, Ronald Reagan paper dolls complete with an original Reagan-Bush campaign sticker from 1984! This is going on eBay immediately.

My Dad, The Intrepid Traveler, (who has been blogging much longer than I have) brought me a bottle of vodka from Russia! Only the best parents in the world buy booze for their kids.

I don’t have a name for this adorable little guy yet, but he has a home with my demented ceramic animal collection, featured in my third blog post ever.

I just love his fat little cheeks! Pictures can’t capture how hilarious he really is. These next couple of pics may not seem that exciting, but trust me, they are.

This quilt has returned home! Mi Madre did all the quilting on her machine, but couldn’t quite manage the corners:

I will cover that in the final installment of one of my earliest blog posts, about repairing this exact quilt. It’s all coming full circle, as though I planned it all out!!

A sack of pine cones!!! Also, seemingly not exciting, but it’s not every mom that would hike around on her farm gathering crafting supplies for her kid in the fickle Texas heat/cold. Yes, my parents live on a real farm in Texas. My mother has pet sheep that follow her around, and we regularly end phone conversations when she says, “Shoot, a calf got in the orchard. I have to let you go”. She then calls the dogs to herd the calf out the gate.

It’s funny because I used to get irritated when people think all Texans conform to the stereotypes, with farms, cows, knowing how to ride horses, etc. I had a conversation with a girl at a party once, expressing my irritation. She asked “Well do you know how to ride a horse?”, and I said “Yeah”. “Do you own cows?”, “My parents do.” Her snarkily raised eyebrow almost shut me up, but it’s me, so we know shutting up is rare. “We’re not typical!” She kind of snickered. What do you say to that???

Anyway, my folks gave me all kinds of useful stuff, like clothes, books, and craft supplies, and even gave me some stuff for my friends. Don’t be jealous of my cool parents; just befriend me and wait for the bounty to trickle down to you. Good minions will be rewarded.


November 27, 2011. Tags: , , , , , . Random typing, Thriftiness is Cool.


  1. Black replied:

    That’s a creepy ass chipmunk. My name suggestions:

    or my fav – Ugly Ass Chipmunk.

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      When you see him in real life you’ll realize how cute he actually is. I was thinking of naming him Garfunkle, but I haven’t decided.

  2. Attic Antics « My Attempts at Cleverness replied:

    […] guys are already jealous of how cool my parents are, but just you wait. On Black Friday, did they run around town hunting for insane deals, biting and […]

  3. Attic Antics | Home Electric Repair replied:

    […] guys are already jealous of how cool my parents are, but just you wait. On Black Friday, did they run around town hunting for insane deals, biting and […]

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