Giganto Book Review

So far this year I have read and blogged 35 books. This post will bring me to 39, which makes an average of almost one per week. The following book is the one book that has continually hampered my progress the whole year. Let’s start this off with a “blah…..”

Pagan Christ

I thought this was going to be a book discussing the cons of a literal translation of the Bible (i.e. the Earth is only 6000 years old), versus a metaphorical understanding where science and religion can coexist easily. Nope, not even close. The author, Tom Harpur, is constantly referencing other books and authors as though you have read and are equally familiar with their texts. He gives no context, and often makes statements such as “I read Carlson’s take on this, and I agree with him”. How is that helpful or illuminating?

I cannot believe someone got paid to write a book saying he read other books. I persevered as much as humanly possible, but I cannot BEAR to waste another instant with this irritatingly vague book. And the cover art is terrible. I said it! On the Clever Chick Scale this gets a “Huge over-dramatic groan and eye-roll anytime this book is mentioned in my presence”.

Penny Pinchers Club

This book was kind of disappointing. Yes, it’s about someone who spends ridiculous amounts of money and then has to go on a budget, which is cool, but it’s one of those books that could go either way up until the end. Then it ends. Poof! Deadline reached! Uck, and I don’t know what else I can tell you about the book that won’t ruin the plot. Regardless, I felt the ending was anti-climactic, and too abrupt to be believable. On the Clever Chick Scale this gets a “I’ll sell it and probably forget it immediately”.

The Goddess of Yesterday

This book is straight up fantastic. It’s historical fiction set during the time of the Trojan War. The main character is a young girl from an isolated island. She gets abducted by pirates, and then again leading to joining Helen of Troy’s household. The war breaks out soon after. The young girl is an awesome character, and the whole story is entertaining and compelling the whole way through. On the Clever Chick Scale this gets a “I will recommend it to all my friends and minions, and it has earned a place on my sacred shelves”.

The Further Adventures of Batman

By now, it’s pretty obvious that I love Batman, so it should be no surprise that this book found its way to my house. It was published immediately after the release of the original Batman movie. It’s a series of 14 short stories, one of which is by Isaac Asimov, all about Batman. A few of the stories were great, but several including the Asimov one, were terrible. They were boring and cheesy, and much more like the Adam West Batman series than the dark world Tim Burton created. On the Clever Chick Scale it gets a “I may keep it just because it’s Batman”.


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  1. Black replied:

    I cannot stand books that are ‘supposedly’ well researched and then the author proceeds to either ‘agree’ with this other dude or ‘disagree’ with some other smart guy. Sucks. I got through part of “The Science of God” which is a book about the intersection of religion and science, but it was pretty heavy. Dunno if you’d enjoy it or not. It currently resides in our guest room unread. I’ll get back to it tho. Eventually. Maybe.

    I’m not that much into historical fiction, but the few I have read are great. I definitely recommend the Genghis Khan series by Conn Iggulden – FANTASTIC.

    Sorry to hear Batman book was so-so. I know how you love the Bat, very disappointing.

    I’m slogging through Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein, I’m about a fifth of the way through and so far it’s meh…

    I have to admit, so far my sojourn of the classic sci-fi authors has been relatively disappointing. Maybe I’m missing something. The few Asimov books I read were awesome and Hyperion blew my mind, but “Brave New World” was terrible and Stranger is turning out to be a bore too. Have any recommendations?

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      For Classic Sci-Fi, I tend to like H.G. Wells. He does a really good job of creating plausible sounding faux-science to explain the occurences in his books. When it comes to genuine Sci-Fi, I actually read very little of it; I tend more towards fantasy books, with magic and dragons, etc.

      The Batman book was one of those porducts that was rushed out to ride the wave of Bat-mania after the first Tim Burton Batman movie. It could have been so much worse when you take that into account, and a couple of the stories were really good.

      All books are kind of a crap shoot, which is why I rarely spend more than a dollar on any of them.

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