Halloween Costume Ideas #2

I’m going to call this “Seemingly normal costumes with a clever twist”. These are mostly geared toward girls, since that’s how I tend to dress. Shocking, I know. At least I know my strengths.

Ghost of a Bridesmaid – This is a great reuse for that old bride’s maid dress in the back of the closet. If you can carry around a wilted or dried out bouquet, that would be awesome. I am all about props. Use black eye shadow to make big shadow under your eyes, and hollowed out cheeks. Streaked and smeared eye makeup and lipstick would complete the look, and you can wander around repeating, “Always a bride’s maid, never a bride”.

Troubled Teen – Slutty Catholic school girls are a dime a dozen this time of year. If you want a unique twist on it, add a giant fake pregnant belly! I made a super-realistic (like people were asking me all night if I was really pregnant) one for maybe $4. I used a gallon sized ziplock bag, filled it with polyfill (the stuffing from the craft store), and taped the corners down to make it rounder. I wore a stretchy, white tank top over this to hold it in place, which also helped round it out, and look more realistic. Then your basic white button up shirt, pleated skirt, and neck tie, hair in pig tails, and leather shoes. You can add knee socks, and a metal lunch box if you have them.

Surprisingly Hot Girl – How many eighties movies start out with a nerdy girl who turns out to be hot after a simple make over at the end of the movie? Start the night with your hair up in a bun, with glasses on, wearing a ratty, huge sweater and sneakers. Halfway through the evening, take off the glasses, take down your hair, and take off your sweater to reveal a super cute dress. Switch from sneakers to heels, and your transformation is complete!

Oni – If you have the makings of a geisha costume laying around (and who doesn’t??), you can become an Oni, or Japanese demon very easily. This one works for guys or girls.


You can google Kabuki makeup to get ideas for patterns. Add a fan or plastic samurai sword, and put your hair in a top knot.


October 27, 2011. Tags: , , , , . Arts and Crafts, Random typing.


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