Halloween Costume Ideas #1

At this point in the month, lots of people are running around like crazy attempting to get together some kind of fast, but interesting costume, without spending 80-bazillion dollars at the Halloween store. Lots of amazing costumes can be made from thrift store finds.

You could be a mormon, Jehovah’s Witness, or Televangelist very easily.

Mormon: Short-sleeved, white button-up shirt, ugly tie, navy pants, dress shoes, hair parted on side. You can make a name tag fairly easily, if you want to ge that detailed, and carry around a Bible or Book of Mormon if you have it. If you want to really get into character, ask people if they’ve heard the good news all night, and smile at everything. If you don’t already own most of this outfit, getting it at a thrift store should be very cheap and simple.

Jehovah’s Witness: Think really horrible 1980’s floral prints, and just really unflattering clothing. Also carry a bible, and act like a Mormon, as listed above.

Televangelist: You could be someone specific, such as Tammy Faye Bakker, or just a televangelist in general. You’ll need: a terrible suit (white would be fantastic, but work with what you have), a boring tie, carry a bible, and if you have a microphone, like for the Rockband video game, that would be awesome. You can also probably get one at a thrift store in the toy section. If you want to get into character, walk around speaking in an intense Southern accent, put your hands on peoples’ foreheads, and command them to “Heal!”. If can cry on command, you are golden. You could carry around rubber snakes also, if you want, but that’s a specific sect. You could also be The Farting Preacher, which might be hilarious, or disturbing.

For Tammy Faye Bakker: I really loved Tammy Faye for her early gay rights activism, and she was an amazing lady, so I hope anyone dressing as her will do it without making fun of her. The outfit obviously consists mostly of giant, clumpy eyelashes, and big hair. A brightly colored women’s pantsuit or dress suit should be easy to find at the thrift store. Big hair and bright lip stick will complete the look. You can always smear mascara down your cheeks for her trademarked just-been-crying look. You can also watch the movie “The Eyes of Tammy Faye”. It’s fantastic, and will show you what I love about her.

I’ll have more ideas coming, but the best way to get ideas, for me at least, is to go to the thrift store and dig around. Find some ridiculous garment, or something that reminds you of a particular celebrity, and use that as your jumping off point. If you’re completely broke, dig through your closet, and even friends’ closets, and try to look at everything with new eyes.

UPDATE: Beans contributed the idea of Jan Crouch:

I have never heard of this lady, but she’s another female Televangelist; the poor man’s Tammy Faye, if you will. That wig looks super fun!



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  1. Beans replied:

    What about Jan Crouch? (I tried to post a picture, but it didn’t work. Google her. It’s….interesting.

  2. Jacqueline Knight replied:

    Jan and her husband Paul are more than mere televangelists. They have nearly $1 billion dollars in assets. In 2008, their main station TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) took in over $200 million dollars. TBN owns more than 30 residences in California, Texas, Tennessee and Ohio — all paid for in cash. Along with TBN, the Crouches own 23 other channels including the Church Channel, Smile of a Child, TBN Asia, TBN, Africa as well as The Holyland Experience “amusement park” in Orlando, Florida.

    TBN is seen on more than 3,200 television stations, 21 satellites, the Internet and thousands of cable systems around the world. In addition, TBN translates programs into numerous foreign languages at its facilities, the International Production Center in Irving, Texas.

  3. HALLOWEEN ALREADY | My Attempts at Cleverness replied:

    […] Costume ideas! […]

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