The Art of Buying Halloween Candy

There are many factors to consider when buying Halloween candy for neighborhood kids. Here are some simple rules to follow:

1. NO RAISINS. RAISINS ARE NOT CANDY. Raisins are barely even food; do not give these to anyone. This is one step above giving kids dusty old mints you’ve collected from restaurants year round and found when cleaning out your purse. This is also one step below leaving your light off and not handing out candy at all. Yes, they are that bad.

2. Buy something you like, so you can eat the leftovers, if there are any, but not something you like so much that you’ll eat all of it before Halloween. You can also consider buying chocolate so you can use the leftovers for any of these cakes.

3. Don’t buy it too early, or you will totally eat it all. Right now, Halloween is in about a week, so this is the perfect time to buy candy. The stores are never going to run out of candy, so there is no rush to buy early.

4. Don’t buy something cheap and disgusting. If you really can’t afford to spend $3 on candy, just leave your light off and hand out nothing. Seriously. Leave the dollar store candy at the dollar store.

5. Guidelines for amounts to buy are tough, because it all depends on where you live. Two bags is generally plenty for my neighborhood, but I’m sure other people need different amounts. If you’re not sure, you can ask a neighbor, or just make sure and buy something you don’t mind eating (see #2).

Halloween is all about fun, so just go crazy and have a blast!!


October 23, 2011. Tags: , , . Random typing.

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  1. Sara A. replied:

    I just found out that you shouldn’t buy chocolate this year unless it is certified fair trade chocolate because all the big American candy companies have been buying cocoa from farms in Africa that use child slave labor:

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