Fancy Soda Taste Test

My friend Travis found a specialty soda store when he was in L.A. recently, and couldn’t wait to get home and share the spoils with his buddies. We had a Fancy Soda Taste Test in the midst of playing board games.

Manhattan Special is a coffee soda, and I think we were all glad we only had a sample of this. It was like super strong coffee mixed with Coca-Cola syrup, only slightly carbonated. It was think, and very intensely flavored. I will definitely not be trying this again.

Microbrew Canadian soda? Sounds interesting, but it tasted like R.C. Cola. Do they even make that any more? Ok, like slightly flat Pepsi.

This last one was all of our favorite. It’s called Leninade! Their catch phrase is “Gat Hammered and Sickled”. The whole label is covered in puns about communism. If that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is. It’s sweet, but not syrupy, and has a light fruity flavor. It’s not very lemony, but it’s still good. It tastes like a less intense version of Big Red.

We all loved the cleverness of the label and the flavor of the soda, so it gets a double thumbs up from my nerd crew. Stay thirsty, my comrades!


October 9, 2011. Tags: , , , , , . Random typing.

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