We got a car!

After we sold my Honda CR-V, and I mean immediately after, our only other car, a Ford Explorer, quit on us. (By the way, anyone want a giant SUV with no transmission? No? Really??). I did so much research my brain started to melt, but I found this little beauty at a local dealership:

It’s a 2004 Honda Element, and it’s orange! Look at those epic doors!!

I know she’s beautiful. Don’t be jelly! Doesn’t that picture look like it’s from a car catalog??

So far, I freaking love this thing. She doesn’t have a name yet, so we’re calling her Elephent the Element. See what I did there? Oh, I am endlessly entertaining. It’s so huge on the inside, I’m tempted to pull a heist! But I won’t. Probably.


September 23, 2011. Tags: , , , . House Stuff, Thriftiness is Cool.


  1. Black replied:

    Niiice. Glad you got the new ride before the other one up and died on you. Trina and I cross our finger before we start the Neon each morning. It’s gotten that bad. We really want another car, but just don’t want the extra payment. s’all good tho, been checking out the Fit, Trina think’s it’s cute so we’ll see. thx for the advice and congratz on the car.

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      Thanks! We were basically making a $400 per month repair payment on the CR-V, so it was time for it to go.

  2. Black replied:

    True dat.

  3. I accomplished something!! « My Attempts at Cleverness replied:

    […] to be shredded. The file folders for 2011 were blue, and the 2012 ones are orange (that seems to be my color this year). I pull and store the entire file, rather than letting everything mix […]

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